Harveys Pedro Ximenez Sherry Review


HarveysPedroXimenezSherryHarveys Pedro Ximenez Sherry
30 Year Old Sherry


Reviewed by Dorothy White

The bottle for Harveys Pedro Ximenez Sherry is very slim and straight sided, quite an unusual bottle for any sherry I am familiar with.

The label is quite plain with black writing, and of course the signature H which is sort of ‘embossed’ on the label.  It promises the sherry is a 30 Year V.O.R.S (Very Old Rare Sherries) Sherry.  On the back of the bottle is a VORS rare signatum label with an ID number authenticating this.

I struggled to open this bottle for ages, the cork and its surrounding protection were very secure and I couldn’t find a little tag to pull! I eventually opened it with the aid of a sharp knife!

I was quite shocked when I poured the sherry, it was so very dark and appeared to be thicker than a usual sherry.

The flavour is unusual, pleasant but unusual.  It is sweet and fruity but to me tasted of walnuts. I checked the label, walnuts were not mentioned but  raisin, fig and toasty flavours were.

Harveys Pedro Ximenez Sherry is a very pleasant, rich sherry which is quite sweet, and which to me had an aftertaste of walnuts with the flavour of the raisins and figs coming through strongly.

My reaction to my first taste was that I didn’t like it, but I kept having to go back for another sip, and another sip until I had to pour more into the glass.

I would recommend Sherry lovers try this, especially if they like their sherry on the sweet side. For me it was an acquired taste but worth it.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £21.76 (50cl bottle)

Available to buy from Morrisons, Waitrose, Booths and TheDrinkShop.com.

4 Star

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