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MississippiMudPidBiscuitsFox’s Biscuits

Mississippi Mud Pie Melts
Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams

Reviewed by Judy Cera

I was delighted to be asked to review these biscuits as I have a sweet tooth. I was attracted by the idea of the Winnie’s Tastes of America theme (Mississippi Mud Pie Melts and Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams) and the packaging is adorned with the stars and stripes of the US flag to illustrate the theme.

My children are great chocolate lovers and they loved the Mississippi Mud Pie Melts. These are a lovely sweet indulgent treat with a delicious melt-in-the mouth texture. The packet describes them as “Chocolate Viennese biscuits sandwiched with a chocolate cream” and any chocoholic will be delighted with them.

KeyLimePieCrunchI also loved the Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams. These are described as “Oat biscuits sandwiched with a key lime flavour cream.” I loved the contrast between the sweet biscuit and the tangy lime cream, and they looked very appealing too with the bright green layer of cream inside. The texture of the biscuit was nice and crunchy and went well with the creaminess of the filling. My younger son was less keen on these as he didn’t like the tartness of the lime so I think they would appeal more to older children and adults.

All in all we were very pleased with these biscuits and I would certainly buy them again.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Available to buy in all good supermarkets. For more information visit


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