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Hape Fix-It Tool Box Review


Reviewed by Deborah Mackenzie

The Fix-It Tool Box is the perfect gift for ages 3 and above; or even if it just a surprise, the child will be over the moon with happiness. Children love to be like their grown up ‘hero’, to be able to use tools and make their own creations.
The Fix-It Tool Box and accessory set has 17 pieces that includes a vice, screwdriver, and wrench. To use these tools the mechanical parts, have screws, nuts, bolts, gears and flat parts so that the little creator can either fit them onto the box that has holes in it; or to build it separately.

It is made with high quality wood that is silky smooth and extremely sturdy; it is painted in bright prime colours with non-toxic and environmentally friendly paints. There is some plastic in this set, it has been used for durability, this features on the hammer head, nails, bolts and nuts. This toys is built for hours of play and withstands pounding and building.

Hape™ (pronounced “hah-pay”) taking the first two letters of its founder’s name and sounds similar to “Happy”. Registered since 2005 it has become a world leading brand in design and manufacture of high-quality toys made from sustainable materials. The Fix-It Tool Box is just one of the many toys that provide role play and learning. Hape™ has a wide range called Junior Inventor that would be the next step up from the tool box for building more advanced creations. It appears that the tool box items could also be used on these building toys.

The thing I love about this tool box is that it really stands out with its bright colours making it something that a child is immediately attracted to. My son as a toddler had something similar, it was a peg and hole bench that had a hammer and he used to spend hours hitting and banging the pegs in. He would have loved this upgrade with gears, nuts, bolts and other tools. Even though he has a sight disability he could use his hammer and pegs. As a parent encouraging role play and imaginative play is an important step in their development for coordination, being able to think for themselves and achievements.

I would recommend this tool box for 2 years and older; however it is rated for 3 years on Hape™. Parents can use this tool box to teach many different things; names of tools and the accessories, colours and how to use tool correctly.
The one downfall of this toy is that it is limited due to the number of items to use to build with, for example some wheels to be able to make the box into a type of car. I looked on Hape™ site at what else could be purchased and discovered that there are experiment starter kit that has a larger assortment of blocks, wheels, screws and nuts. They also have a work bench which all the components can be used together, so as your child grows and wants to build and experiment, they have this opportunity without having to continually buy new brands.

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

RRP: £13.99

Rating: 5*

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