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Ultrasonic Sharp Aroma Diffuser Review


Reviewed by Deborah Lowndes

The SHARP DF-A1 Aroma Diffuser creates a calm zen relaxing atmosphere. Great for de-stressing after a long day. I would recommend popping some music on, filling the diffuser with your favourite oil, pouring a large glass of wine and taking some time to inhale the aroma and chill. It is worth remembering that self care is important and you do not necessarily need to take vast amounts of hours and few minutes here and there is better than nothing. The diffuser has a “candle effect” which helps to set a chilled, cosy vibe. So go on take some me time out of your day for your own self care. Your mental and physical well-being is important and it couldn’t be made any easy with aid if this piece of equipment,

The diffuser benefits from the key features mentioned below.

Auto start functionality
Amber candle light effects mood lighting
Maximum fill water fill marker
200ml capacity tank
Stylish white coloured body
Automatic shut off functionality
Attractive on point metallic Rose Gold lid
8 -36 hours must facility

There are two main control buttons to the front of the Aroma Diffuser. One is to operate the candle mood lighting intensity and determines the amount of mist released. When this button Is pressed you can visually see the mist level increase or decrease. The other button control is the on and off function. Both buttons are just a click and so easy to operate. No complicated controls on this product, therefore stress levels keep to a minimum.

With the ultrasonic functionality the diffuser is able to release vast volumes (which are controllable) of fine mist vapour into the room for up-to 36 hours. When using a Smart Plug the Aroma Diffuser can be turned on and off automatically.

The Aroma Diffuser will automatically turn off when the water is low within the tank in order to protect the product from burning out. Smart technology and smart thinking on Sharps part.

Filling to water tank with your favourite aroma could not be easier or more straight forward. You mix the oil with water and fill up to the full marker and hey pesto let the scent be released. Pure heaven and luxury when the divine scent releases, so relaxing. I have mine running regularly and at every opportunity.

I have a small dog within my household and since using the diffuser I have definitely noticed my home seems to smell less doggy. I have placed my diffuser in the room next to my back door (entrance area) and all my visitors have commented on the nice smell and when entering.  I have advised what it is they have only passed positive comments and been impressed.

I feel in winter if you have a cold or suffer with your sinuses or chest then you could release mental aromas through the diffusers to relief the symptoms of your cold, sinus etc.

This product is a cracking investment and upon searching the internet there is a vast array for oils to suit all needs for example energy boost oil, calming, mind boost etc.

Furthermore it is a smart piece of attractive, stylish, useful, calming and de-stressing equipment. Well done Sharp I love the quirkiness and elegant finesse of this Diffuser.

I would rate this product right at the top with 5 stars. It’s retail price varies from in the region of £30.00 to £45.00.

Moving forward I know it will be a highly used item within my household. Furthermore the product is easy to clean, therefore an added bonus. There is nothing over complicated about this diffuser simplicity at its very best.

For more information please kindly see the Sharp website here

RRP: in the region of £30.00-45.00

Rating: 5/5

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