Hand-y Career Choices

There are a lot of sayings about hands. Many hands, of course, make light work – unless someone overplays their hand. In which case you have to hand it to the person who lets them know they have done so and gives them a hand to sort things out. Hopefully in return, the former will not bite the hand that feeds them. They don’t want to end up with blood on their hands.

Yes, hands are important. Most jobs we do involve them to a lesser or greater extent, but someone who is particularly good with their hands should really consider the ones where a light touch is preferred.

It’s a shame to waste them on data entry, for example, when they can make the world more beautiful, more magical, or more comfortable. All of which is a heavy-handed way of saying… here are a few jobs you might enjoy if you like working with your hands.

The Beauty of Becoming A Nail Tech

If you’re particularly skilled with the various aspects of nail beauty, it can be a lucrative way of making a living. The component parts are not expensive. A well-stocked supply of nail polishes, manicuring tools and anything else you find useful is all you need. People will pay good money for you to make their hands look beautiful – they are, after all, one part of us that’s always on show.

Picture source: Pixabay

Making The World Less Stressful, One Massage At A Time

It’s quite something how often you’ll hear people talk about their aches and pains. A bad back, a stiff shoulder, or tired feet can put even the sunniest person in a bad mood. If you’re useful with your hands, you can certainly make money by massaging those stresses away.

There are plenty of massage courses you can take from shiatsu through to Swedish massage. The more you learn, the better you will do.

Photo source: Pixabay

Abracadabra: You’re A Magician Now!

Unfortunately, the Hogwarts Express is not a real train – or at least, not one that goes to a real school. But at least by learning the less fictional kind of magic, you won’t attract the ire of Death Eaters. So there is good news and bad news as far as your wizarding dreams go.

You will need to be skilled with sleight of hand to be able to palm coins and produce handkerchiefs from your hand. You’ll need plenty of showmanship; it helps to be extroverted, able to natter in distraction while your hands produce a show. You’ll also need to have excellent control over your fingers or you’ll find yourself fired down a rung of performing arts to mime. And precisely no one likes mimes.

All of these jobs will make use of your dextrous skills, giving you the touch the world around you rather than just seeing it. They may take a little training and a lot of determination, but they’re fun occupations that might spice up your career trajectory. Just make sure you pick one of them; after all, the devil makes work for idle hands.

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