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HAIX Black Eagle Adventure 2.2 GTX Low/Black-Silver Review


Reviewed by Ilze Sinfield

I was really happy to be chosen for this review. I have a 15yr old teenager son who towers over me, has big man feet and I was overdue in buying him a pair of good walking shoes. He is really picky about his footwear though, so it was with fingers crossed that I’ve ordered these in his size. I knew if he didn’t like it, he would be rather blunt about it, which of course, would make writing a review pretty difficult!

The shoes were delivered quickly, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The design on these looks really great, and they look sturdy and of a good quality. I could only hope the young man in my house agree!

Glad to say that he liked it as much as I do. I even got a ‘Oh, that’s really nice’, and an approving look, rather than the usual grunt. Win!

These shoes are trendy and stylish, without being over the top. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not, sitting quite secure in it’s spot of active foot wear that looks great.

This set was delivered with blue insoles, for a narrower fit.

He first tried out the shoes without the insoles. It was comfortable and provided good cushioning. He wore it all day in and around the house. Unfortunately, the shoes arrived as he was in the last stretch of self-isolation, so we weren’t initially able to test it out any more than that. He was really satisfied with the level of comfort it provided. The closed lacing system looks smart and for me, it provided a welcome break from the sounds of shoelaces not done up properly! The laces can be easily adjusted to provide the perfect adjustment.

The last couple of days we were able to go out for a proper walk. The sturdy rubber soles prevents any slips, even though some parts of the path gave plenty opportunity for that.

These shoes are waterproof as well, with a GORE-TEX inner lining, perfect for the season we are moving into. We live rurally, so they need to do a bit more than just pavement walking.

He was really happy with the level of support it offers, and once home, a quick wipe got it looking as new again, smart enough and ready for wearing ‘out’.

Looking on their website, I was particularly impressed with their ethos and craftmanship. All parts of the shoes are made in Europe, and their team consists of people who are experts in this craft. Their view on shoes being made for wearing a long time, and being repairable, rather than to be discarded, is refreshing and much needed across most industries. I wish more companies would take a leaf out of their book, as it is something that should get a lot more attention.

These shoes look really good, they are sturdy, comfortable and made to last. I am very happy to recommend it as a high quality gift to the active people in your life this Christmas. In fact, I like it so much that I might treat myself to a pair soon. There is a good variety of colours and designs on their website, and I have no doubt I’ll go back for more.

This is a brand that I feel I can trust. I am impressed with the quality, and everything about them, and give this a very easy 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £124.90

This product can be purchased from the Haix website here.

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