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Cocorito By Ravensburger Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who gets desperately excited over a new game to play; life is pretty much parks, woods and home at the moment so anything new is a joy!  My children are aged 9, 6 and 2 and a half, so the Cocorito game by Ravensburger was something that I had in mind for my youngest that the other two could enjoy with him. It is targeted at age 3 plus, but my two year old has recently started to play basic games so I hoped it would be something that could entertain him now or in the near future.

The name of the game flummoxed me slightly so I had to google it; it can mean anything from “angry person” in Spanish to “parakeet” or “budgerigar” in Italian. All things considered, I’m assuming that it’s the latter… and it sounds so much more exciting in another language (parakeet or budgie wouldn’t have the same appeal). I usually like a child’s game to tell me a little about what the games about if it’s going to “grab” my attention and mean something, however my kids love trying to pronounce it in a range of questionable accents so it added something to the game before we started. We now affectionately call it “cockadoodle-doo”.
The box design is really sweet and appropriate for a young child, with colourful friendly looking birds on a white background. I think the slightly European look is quite striking and unusual. I love the continuation of the bird feathers theme in the interior of the box, and there’s a real quality and attention to detail with the bird game pieces.

Inside the box you have four different coloured bird card-holders, which are like small plastic paddles each with a different bird face design. There is also a cardboard nest board and 50 feather cards.

The aim of the game is to collect as many feathers as you can to match your bird, so it teaches colour matching as well as turn-taking. The instructions are really clear, in a cute little booklet. Each player is dealt two feather cards and slides them into their bird to create tail feathers, with a number of cards also placed onto the nest board (the number is determined by the number of players, the maximum number being 4).

When a player takes their turn they have two options; they either take two feather cards from the deck or they can trade one or two of their current feathers for the same number of feathers from the nest. Rainbow feathers can count as any colour you like. The game ends once the deck is empty and each player has taken one last turn. The player with the most of his or her coloured feathers, wins.

The game is ideal for younger children as it’s quick, no more than 10 minutes, so you can play a couple of games and move onto something else.

I would agree that this is a game for 3 years and over as my youngest could not comprehend all of the rules and wanted to take everyones’ green feathers from them to add to his green bird, although he could join in a little with our guidance and it was a fantastic way to practice his colour knowledge. I can also think of a couple of ways to simplify the game for him until he understands it fully. Cocorito is a good introduction to card based games, turn-taking and it does allow you to work on your bird noises too!
The maximum age that I would buy this game for is a tricky one as my 9 year old really enjoyed it as the birds did look cute with their feathers, but I think the novelty may wear off and it will become a game purely for her to play with when the younger boys ask. The 6 year old loved it! So perhaps ages 3-6 would be the target, with the knowledge that older siblings will still enjoy it and join in.

A comment that my daughter made was that the handle of the birds was a little short; it was perfect for my 2 year old but even my 6 year old felt that he wanted it slightly longer for ease of use. Not a big issue as they are really sturdy.

I would have liked the feather cards to be a little thicker or more rigid as the children couldn’t always insert them into the bird; a couple of the cards have already started to crease as they are quite thin. That said, the price is fantastic so there is a balance with these things especially as they are playing cards and a thicker material could affect the ease of picking them up, and indeed the ability of the bird to hold their weight. Again a very minor point.

This game would make a lovely Christmas present for both child and parent as it’s another home activity which we all need right now, and more importantly it’s an easy game to get to grips with and results in beautiful birds! I do tend to like the Orchard Toys games for younger children but this is certainly in the same league and great fun… so if you like those games, then you’ll love Cocorito.

I would award this game 4.5 stars out of 5; a lovely game for younger children and their siblings, at a fair price point.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £13.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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