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GTech Lawn Trimmer Review


Reviewed by Hayley Mclaren

I was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to review the Gtech cordless lawn trimmer.  I have a reasonably sized front and back garden and also two allotment plots, so plenty of lawn to maintain! The trimmer arrived well packaged and with a charging lead, removable battery and 10 replacement blades. Before beginning using the product I familiarised myself with the functions reading the clear instruction manual through.  I plugged the battery in to charge and then assembled the product.  The trimmer came in several pieces which were easy to put together. A few hours later the battery was charged and I was ready to go.

I began in my back garden, the lawn was due to be cut but not in a desperate state, the trimmer made short work of tidying up the ample space and I was particualry impressed with the neatness of the edges, by rotating the trimmers head you can change to ‘edge cutting’ function and this gives the cleanest edges I have ever been able to achieve- even my husband was impressed. I was also in awe of how easy the trimmer was to manouver, it was incredibly lightweight and the adjustable assist handle was invaluable. I am fit but not particuarly strong and I was able to use this with ease without any back ache or difficulty.  The battery held out for just over 30 minutes which was the time the manual had promised and more than enough time to get my lawn in order. I immeditaly plugged the battery in to recharge for further testing the following day.

The next day I was excited to tackle a slightly more challenging lawn, the grass paths at my allotment plot.  I find these a nightmare to maintian as they are too narrow for a lawn mower and I regularly resort to using hand shears which is not only time consuming but very hard work.  The trimmer excelled at the allotment.  The grass here is somewhat thicker than my garden and peppered with the odd rogue weed.  The trimmer made short work of these.  I did lose a blade when I accidently hit a thistle with a thairly thick stem and due to the green colour of the blade in blended in so well with the lawn I was unable to find it!  Luckily I had bought a spare and was able to get straight back to work. The trimmer came into its own in tight areas and a job that would ordinarily take me all day was done in 30 minutes.

The trimmers battery is lithium-ion, which provides a 30 minute run time, and takes around 4 hours to charge, the light up display on the battery pack indicates how much battery power is left.  The trimmer weighs in at 1.85 kg and is incredibly lightweight, I found this trimmer far better than a traditional string model although I think that its important to recognise the trimmers capabilities.  This trimmer was wonderful on long grass and even the weeds that grow through but if you were to undertake a heavily overgrown area I think you would lose many blades.

The only change I would make to this product would be changing the colour of the blades, maybe to red?  If you drop one or they ping off they camoflage so well that finding them is impossible! This product has been a joy to use and I have recommended it to many of my allotment neighbours who have admired my neatly trimmed paths! It will certainly make maintaining the garden at home much easier as I struggle to control our heavy lawnmower and rely on my husband for lawn cuts but this tool is a pleasure to use. I would wholeheartedly recommend purchasing the g tech cordless lawn trimmer and it has piqued my interest in exploring their gardening range further.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £129.99

This product can be purchased from G tech here.

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