Goula Bunny’s Garden Review


Reviewed by Julie Jessup

We have had quite a few wet days here in North Yorkshire recently so when I was sent the Goula Bunny’s Garden to review I thought this would be a great way of keeping the children amused. I quite often look after my niece and nephew when my sister in law is called in to work.

Goula Bunny’s Garden is made out of good quality wood and consists of a small wooden bunny see saw, which looks very cute, a wooden die and six very coloured wooden pieces that represent vegetables. It is a very basic balancing game. The aim of the game is to put all of the pieces on the bunny’s paws and take them off without them falling, which assists with your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

The suggested age range is 2 plus and it is for 1 to 4 players. I would suggest that 2 players play this game as 4 would lose interest very easily. If 2 children are playing the game you divide the pieces between them, each child has to put the pieces on one of the bunny’s paws. The children take turns rolling the die and putting the piece that matches the colour rolled onto the paw, If the child cannot put a piece on it is the next child’s turn. If any piece falls the child has to keep it. The first child to put all of their pieces on the bunny’s ears wins.

The children I had play this were aged 2 and five. The younger player just wanted to play with the pieces and not play the game and the older child got bored very quickly. The game has to be adult led. The children spent about 20 minutes playing and then did not want to play any more.

I feel 2 year olds are too young to play this game they will just play with the wooden pieces and not use the game as intended and not all children of that age understand colours. It would be more suited for children of 3 plus. It is proven that children under 5 have a very short attention span and this really will not hold their attention and concentration for very long at all.

I also found the instruction leaflet slightly confusing as the instructions for playing the game for more than 2 players is different. It starts off saying the last player to have eaten a vegetable starts. Apart from this I cannot find anything that relates to eating a vegetable. So I could not understand what this meant.

The child that starts has to roll the die and the colour that it lands on is the colour of the wooden vegetable piece that they put on one of the bunny’s paws. If the child cannot put a piece on because 2 of the pieces with the same colour have been put on, they have to remove 1 trying to make sure the rest of the pieces do not fall. If a piece falls, it is picked up and put with the rest of the pieces. The game is over when all the pieces are placed on the bunny’s paws.

The game costs £14.99 I fully understand that quality wooden toys are expensive, but I personally believe this game is very expensive for what it is.

I give this product 3/5 stars as I do think this game does need more pieces and better instructions. However, the pieces are well made and very colourful.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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