Little Gibsons Superhero City Jigsaw Puzzle Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

My four-year-old son was very excited when the Little Gibsons Superhero City jigsaw puzzle arrived, and he couldn’t wait to open it.

The jigsaw was in a lovely bright and colourful glossy box which was also really sturdy. There were lots of pictures of superhero animals and lightning flashes to give an idea of what was awaiting us inside.  There was also a small picture of what the completed puzzle would look like.

Inside the box the jigsaw pieces were sealed in a plastic bag and there was also a folded-up poster of the actual picture which would be on the jigsaw, this was the same size as the jigsaw too and was a great idea as we laid it out next to us so my son could see what the jigsaw was supposed to look like and it helped him to locate where pieces needed to go. I was really impressed by this as none of our other jigsaw puzzles have this and we usually have to prop the box up so we can see a small image of whatever picture we are making.

The jigsaw consisted of 36 pieces which joined together to make a 30cm x 20cm (A4 sized picture). My son immediately got stuck in and did really well with putting the puzzle together himself with minimal help from me. The only negative we found was that, because all of the pieces are the same size and shape, he did have a couple of pieces in the wrong places in the finished puzzle, but that was easy enough to resolve by looking at the big copy of the picture to see where they should go.  

We loved the picture which was of Superhero City, which appears to be a city where there are lots of crimes happening and superheroes around to save the day! There was so much going on in the picture that we spent quite a bit of time looking at the picture together and spotting all the animal superheroes and seeing what they were and who they were helping. My son loves animals and he found the picture quite funny. I extended this further by asking my son to spot various things in the picture for example “a house on fire” or a “phone box” which he really enjoyed.

The age guide for this puzzle is 4+ which I think is about right, although my son does do puzzles with more pieces than this one so it would also be suitable for a younger child as well.  

I would highly recommend this puzzle and it would make a lovely gift for a child. It is currently retailing for around £10 which is good value for a quality product. I can see from the Gibsons website that there is a range of other Little Gibson products available and I will definitely look at getting more of these in the future.

I would give this product 5 stars!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

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