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Go2 Natural Inhaler Sticks Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

I suffer from sinus problems quite regularly and a peppermint or eucalyptus inhaler really helps my ears so I was very pleased to be sent four different inhaler sticks from GO2 to test out. All four inhalers are infused with 100% natural essential oils are have very different smells according to your mood and/ or time of day.

I was sent the Focus Stick, Energy Stick, Sleep Stick and B Calm Stick, all are in different coloured cardboard packaging with no additional waste and they are decorated in different colours to suit the mood of the stick. The inhaler sticks are thumb sized and torpedo shaped, small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag. As I am currently working at home, the first product I tried was the Focus stick. In a bright blue package that states helps with focus and concentration, the inhaler contains Rosemary, for memory function, Peppermint to stimulate and aid focus, and Lime to uplift the body and mind. Once out of the box all I needed to do was twist off the cover and sniff! To get the best of the aroma hold the stick upright, place under each nostril and inhale deeply and slowly. After just one deep breath through my nose my sinuses instantly felt better, clearer and less painful. The smell of the essential oils blend together with the peppermint slightly overpowering the others to give a very clean smell, perfect to clear your head.

The energy stick has a stronger aroma with a mixture of Eucalyptus to clear breathing, Peppermint and Lemongrass to combat feelings of fatigue. This was definitely a great stimulant for my sinuses with Eucalyptus commonly being used in cold and flu remedies it cleared my head in no time.

The last two inhalers I left for evening and night time, the B Calm stick is just a gorgeous smell, a mix of Sweet Orange to relax and create wellbeing, Bergamot to promote inner calm, Lavender to relax and soothe body & mind and Cardamom to promote calm and warmth it reminded me of a warming Christmas smell of spicy oranges. Last but not least the Sleep stick helps to promote the quality of sleep which I really do need right now. Lavender is the strongest aroma to come through paired with Red Mandarin to support restful sleep and Frankincense to create a sense of inner peace and contentment. I kept this stick on my bedside table and a few deep breaths before turning out the light really did seem to help.

I really liked these products, there is a Go2 inhaler stick to suit every mood and they are so easy to take around with you. I will definitely be carrying the Energy stick with me next time I fly to stop me getting painful sinuses and I will be keeping the Sleep stick next to my bed. I think they are great value for money at £3.99 each and I will be recommending them to my family and friends.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £3.99 each

These products can be purchased from the Go2 Brand website here.

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