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Baabara Toilet Paper Holder Sheep Review


Reviewed by Lucy Gwilliam

With the lockdown in full force, I have taken to decorating my house and my current project is my downstairs toilet. It was looking rather shabby and we had recently had a leak from the upstairs bath, meaning that it needed to be decorated desperately.

I started planning how I was going to do it and settled on a dusky blush pink with black accessories. I had been looking for toilet roll storage as it’s quite a small cloakroom but I couldn’t really find anything that would fit. Then I was offered to review Baabara the toilet roll holding sheep and I was blown away. It was perfect and just what I had been looking for. I had seen similar cloud type toilet roll storage and I was really taken with them. I looked forward to her arrival, even bragging to friends about her coming to live with us.

Baabara arrived promptly and was really easy to put together. You literally just have to attack the head and the cloud becomes a sheep! You have the option to fix the holder to the wall to give you floor space or due to the 4 sheep legs, you can have resting on the floor( it requires 2 screws to do fix to the wall- these are not included). We have decided to place her on the cistern as I have plans for the extra wall space and the floor space is limited.

At the beginning of the lockdown we went a little crazy, as many other people did, buying toilet rolls. But we found we didn’t really have anywhere to store them and they were stuck taking up room in the cupboard. We have kept our toilet roll stock high as I used to forget to buy it all the time. Now I have Baabara, I have somewhere to keep the stock of my toilet rolls and it actually looks part of the display. Rather than just a pile of toilet roll, it has created a form of art.

This quirky little design comprises of head, 4 legs and a body, you can then add up to 7 toilet rolls to emulate the shape of the sheep’s fluffy white body. It is made from black metal and it’s dimensions are 37.5X27X13.5cm.

I posted a picture of our new toilet roll holder on my Instagram stories and got so much positive feedback asking where it was from. People thought it was an amazing design, and I agree.

I’m really impressed with Baarbara Toilet Paper Holder Sheep. She is bigger and better than what I expected and she has fit in perfectly into my new cloakroom design, adding those finishing touches to my revamped house. The children really like her too and laughed with joy when they first saw her. They think it’s a brilliant design.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.50

This product can be purchased from the Redcandy website here.

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