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Giesswein Womens Fleece Jacket Review


Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

What could you make from 12 bottles?

Believe it or not the clever team at Giesswein have developed a unique technology to convert 12 plastic bottles into a running fleece. How amazing is that for our planet! 

My husband is a keen runner and often takes part in local races and half marathons raising money for good causes. he really enjoys fitness so as soon as I spotted this review for a fitness item I knew my husband would be the perfect person for this. 

Running is a real passion of my husband’s alongside bike riding and his beloved gym sessions unfortunately due to the current pandemic gyms all over the country have had to close their doors to their customers leaving them without their regular routines and classes. So my husband has been running and bike riding a lot more. 

When The Fleece arrived it was packaged in recyclable paper which is what we like to see as our plant needs all the help it can get! We are very keen recyclers and we do as much as we can to help our environment.

We chose a light grey colour to compliment the merino wool runners my husband also received from the same company. 

Unfortunately we were sent a womens fleece jacket rather then mens one I requested but I am happy to review it as the jacket will be used by myself. 

The fleece jacket is incredibly smart looking the tailoring is sublime. Each scene is perfect there are no dropped stitches there’s no pulled stitches it is perfect. 

My husband likes to wear fleece when he runs as it is quick drying when he sweats it doesn’t hold moisture which is a bonus as there’s nothing worse than carrying on with the work out when your workout clothing is damp from sweat or rain.

The fit and size of the jacket is true to size a medium and my husband does wear a medium it did fit him well but as I said before it’s a women’s fleece so it did look a little strange on my husband as it’s a fitted cut but like I said the jacket will be used by myself. 

The jacket features two pockets which is perfect if you need to take keys and mobile phone and rehydration sachets, the pockets they are secured with a zip. 

The main fastening of the fleece itself is a zip which goes from top to bottom and the zip is very smooth when in use. 

The Giesswein logo appears on the left arm and really stands out the in a silver plastic a black circular patch. The Fleece really does scream beauty and craftsmanship. 

Its care and attention that has gone into creating this fleece it’s obvious and it is very comfortable to wear and kept me warm. 

A lot of fleeces out on the market don’t have zips on the pockets so for me this was a real bonus. 

This fleece not only looks great but it also feels great! I am fussy about what fabrics I wear and hate anything scratchy. Luckily for me this fleece ticks all the right boxes and I am delighted with it and will continue to wear it for a long time 

The fleece retails at £116 and is a worth investment for your wardrobe! 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £116.00

This product is available to buy from the Giesswein website here.

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