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Reviewed by Dot White

Since lockdown my husband has been working from home and was missing ‘real’ coffee.  We both always enjoy relaxing with a latte in a coffee bar on a day out, or when shopping in town or our local supermarket.  He had had his eye on a certain coffee machine for a while, so I decided to buy it for him as a surprise for his birthday in April.   I personally do not fancy the pods which contain everything needed for a latte.  I don’t even like coffee creamers or sachets containing ‘instant’ frothy latte where you just have to add water and stir.  I prefer the filtered coffee, preferably with heated milk.

I recently became aware of CAFEPOD Coffee Co, a London based company which sell several types of coffee either as pods, ground coffee or coffee beans by mail order.  I chose two types of ground coffee.  I never drink strong coffee, expresso or cappuccino, preferring to stick with latte which I have as a ‘1 shot’ latte at that, oh and I don’t like much froth either, I prefer to have a full cup of latte rather than half a cup plus froth!  I then like to take my time enjoying my latte, savouring every mouthful.  My husband is more ‘normal’, he will drink latte or cappuccino ‘as it comes’ but mostly sticks to latte when with me, then drinks it straight down immediately he gets it.  What a waste!

I don’t know much about choosing coffee, there were four types of ground coffee to choose from each with a strength rating so I read the information on the packets shown online and chose two of the least strong types which I thought I might like for a start. I thought the Supercharger Expresso with a strength of 12 might be too strong for me.  I was tempted to go for the Intense Roast with a strength of 9 but decided on Brunch Blend, strength 9 and SW18 Daily Grind strength10.  My reasoning was I could always order more later.  The ordering process was very simple. I had to pay postage as my order was under £25, but I was given a 15% discount as a welcome gift for signing up with CAFEPOD.

I ordered Saturday and received the package this morning (Wednesday) by Royal Mail.  Included were some free packets of Choco Hazel Twist biscuits which say they are Naturally Vegan & Gluten & Dairy Free.  I thought this was a lovely touch.  Unfortunately, the biscuits contain gluten free oats so will be no good for my teenage Coeliac granddaughter who reacts to Avenin which GF oats contain.   All the more for myself and my husband who quickly finished the first packet of three biscuits and chocolate dip to himself!!

I tried Brunch Blend first and used the smaller of the two filters for the ground coffee which came with the machine and selected a small latte.  I was impressed that the bag containing the coffee could be resealed by pressing the two parts together.  I was surprised how mild this coffee was, perfect for my taste.  I made my husband a latte using the larger filter which as usual he drank very quickly.

I thought I would try the SW18 Daily Grind straight away so I could remember the flavour of the first to compare the two.  Once again, I used the small filter for the ground coffee, compacted it and selected a small latte. This was definitely stronger but still mild enough for me as I used the small filter.  In fact I think I preferred this one to the first, although I liked both.

I will definitely be ordering Ground Coffee from CAFEPOD again and this time will try the Intense Roast.  The ground coffee I received is okay until March/April 2021. 

CAFEPOD sell five types of Nespresso Compatible Pods each at £3.00, four types of Ground Coffee each at £4.50 for 200g, and four types of Coffee Beans each at £4.50.  They also do Variety Packs so there is plenty of choice.  Delicious coffee with fast delivery.  I wonder how it would be chilled as it is 29 degrees here today!!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: varies

These products can be purchased from the Cafepod website here.

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