BT Mini Whole Home WI-FI Review


Reviewed by Amanda Gazzard

In this current time of working from home and having to home school, now more than ever my home broad band is being used pretty much constantly. What I have noticed is that in certain rooms of my home, (2 bedrooms upstairs mainly) struggle to get a strong signal. Unfortunately, these 2 rooms are my children’s, so they pretty much feel as though they have lost their right arm when the signal drops, so I was very keen to review the BT Mini Whole Home Wi-fi kit.
Product overview
• Type: Whole Home Wi-Fi
• Connectivity: Wireless
• Speed: 866Mbps
Intelligent wi-fi that covers the whole home.
• Placing the discs around your home gives you full control and gets rid of wi-fi dead spots
• Automatically connects your devices to the fastest, strongest signal as you move around
• Even with multiple devices connected you won’t lose speed anywhere in your home
• Now you can have TV, films, music and games on any device, in any room, with no dead spots or drop-outs.

Inside the box are 3 Wi-fi white discs, 3 power adapters,1 Ethernet cable and 1 set of simple instructions. All the contents were packaged extremely well in a very compact box.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. You do need access to a mobile phone or tablet for the installation as you must download a free app to install and activate the discs. The app itself has easy to follow steps. You simply plug in your first disc, connect to your wi-fi and your off. Once the first disc is correctly set up and activated you then move onto your second and third discs. The app has a location checker to support you in finding the best place for the discs within each room of your home. I did find this a bit tricky in one of the bedrooms as it took a while for the location tracker to respond with a strong signal in the places I wanted the disc to sit. So, in the end I had to move some furniture, so the disc was not sitting on the carpet. There is clear guidance within the instructions where the discs should not be placed. Such as confined spaces and the vents on the back of the disc should always be clear from anything blocking them. They do not recommend you place the disc on soft furnishings, carpets of delicate surfaces as the discs do generate a little heat but nothing excessive.

From opening the box, installing the app and setting up the discs the whole process took me about 40 minutes. Probably would be quicker if I didn’t have to spend so much time trying to find a suitable surface to place the 3rd disc in my sons bedroom as this is the furthest point away from the wi-fi unit downstairs, and no I do not live in a mansion. Unfortunately, I live in a semi-rural location and our internet signal has always been weaker in this bedroom.

You can purchase more mini add on discs if you have other areas within your home or even garden that the wi-fi signal needs boosting.
The only negative I could find is on each disc there is 1 ethernet portal, so unless your other devices are wireless it could prove difficult to connect them all.

My conclusion is that the BT Mini Whole Home Wi-fi is a brilliant piece of kit. Not only do the discs look smart but my home network is now stable with no dead spots or the dreaded buffering.
The Mini Whole Home is a great solution for those who are with other broadband providers. It is recommended for BT broadband customers, to use BT’s Complete Wi-fi which creates a mesh network in the home.

RRP: £129.99

I would give this 5 out 5 stars as it has been a life saver especially at this time.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £129.99

This product can be purchased from here.

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