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Giesswein Merino Runners Review


Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

My husband is a keen runner and regularly takes part in local 10k races and has even completed a half marathon in recent years. Due to the coronavirus lockdown of 2020 my husband found his gym had shut its doors along with hundreds of others up and down the country. My husband had to find other ways to keep fit without his usual gym routine so has been out rubbing several times a week and cycling and 14 weeks later he is still continuing to run regularly and is still getting as much enjoyment from it as he always has. 

One problem my husband has decent running shoes which don’t rub hurt his feet as he runs distance. So he was delighted when we were sent a pair of Merino Runners from Giesswein to try and give his honest feedback on.

The ordering process was simple you visit their website and choose your colour and size customer service at Giesswein suggested my husband go down a size as the Merino runners often come up quite large so we took their advice and instead of a usual 8 my husband opted for a 7. 

This was the right decision as they fit perfectly and I’m really glad that we listened to their advice and that somebody was on hand to give this advice to us. 

You might be thinking a pair of wool running shoes why would I choose a pair of Merino wool running shoes? Well… they fit perfectly keep your shoes from retaining moisture, they keep your shoes odour free as they are antibacterial and Merino wool is also temperature regulating which is perfect for any form of exercise. There is nothing worse than setting out on a long run and feeling uncomfortable in your shoes and over the years my husband has had many pairs of running shoes and come back with blisters, bleeding feet and with his toenails bent. 

He said it’s  hard work finding the the right pair of running shoes but it is imperative if you are going to run and continue running. 

My husband couldn’t wait to try the shoes on when they arrived he chose the dark grey Merino runners when they arrived they they blew us away with how smart and trendy they look. They don’t look like your typical pair of running shoes, the Giesswein logo is printed on the outside in matte black effect and against the dark grey Merino wool stunning. 

The runners came with a simple pair of black shoe laces and the sole is also black, the shoes are very eye-catching they look sublime the quality of them is second to none and I have never come across a pair of shoes of this quality before for running for running. A nice touch was discovering another pair of grey shoelaces in the box which are which which compliment the dark grey nicely. 

My husband really prefers the black shoelaces as they really complement the black sole and the matte black logo on the side of the shoe. They really are a special shoe and if you don’t already have a pair go online and take a look because they are beautiful shoes.

My husband was a little concerned about the grip of the shoes as we live in Manchester which is known for its rainy weather and the soles didnt seem to have as much grip as other pairs my husbands has purchased in the past. 

My husband was a little hesitant about running in the rain wearing these shoes as he didn’t want to fall over or slip and injure himself. He needn’t have been bothered or concerned though as he took the runners out for a good run or  test drive as you could say and he found you found them to be comfortable reliable and didn’t move about on his feet so there was no rubbing or blistering to be seen when he got home which can often be found when you when you run in brand new shoes.

The shoes really retail at £116 and where that might seem quite a lot of money for some people to get a perfect pair of running shoes and a pair that will last you for years to come it’s really worth the investment pair of shoe which will not let you down you will find comfortable and they will stay looking great so long as you take care of them.

Overall my husband is delighted with his Giesswein Merino Wool Runners and has found the perfect shoe! 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £116.00

This product is available to buy from the Giesswein website here.

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