Layoner’s Magnetic Blue Sunglasses – Staycation Cool Review


Reviewed by J Wright

The sunglasses arrived well packaged, the normal delivery padding and a postage bag and inside is a magnetised fold over box with plush lined concertina sides which widen out so you don’t even have to wedge your fingers down the edges to get the further wrapped and protected sunglasses out of the box. Unless there’s a serious incident of the Looney Tunes variety these sunglasses are going to get to you in perfect condition.
So, what’s in the box?

A polarisation testing card so you can really see the difference you’ll get using polarised glasses. The lenses reduce glare which is sometimes reflected from shiny non-metallic surfaces like water. This means you should be able to see into the water and similarly reduces glare off road surfaces. I’ve been known to take phone pictures using my polarised sunglasses for better images in certain conditions.

A cleaning cloth to take care of your swanky new glasses. A drawstring bag emblazoned with the Layoners logo and a sticker.

It felt reassuring that the box was sturdy, ideal to keep them safe when travelling but with a drawstring bag which is more sleek for pockets, bags and glove boxes. stock Italian inspired classic shapes and current trends with men’s, women’s and unisex products to suit everyone. Magnetic Blue has a blue chromatic lens which is reflective and the shape is inspired by Wayfarers, a classic style which never seems to go out of fashion. It’s a blue and black combination which looks great, not too unusual and not run of the mill either. The frames are plastic and aluminium, sturdy with flexibility and they feature 100% UV protection which is a big tick in the current climate.

I love that the Magnetic Blue have a single piece bridge over the nose. No need for replacement parts and no chance of those smaller pieces trapping my hair and pulling it out when I slide the glasses back off my face indoors.
These lightweight glasses sit comfortably on the face so if you’re driving away for the day, for work or play or relaxing in your garden during a lockdown staycation they’ll not weigh down on your face. Therefore leaving you free to enjoy the summer sun and the polarised clear view of anything you do. Another aspect of the lightweight nature is that I didn’t have the feeling of phantom sunglasses on my head after wearing them, no ridges over my ears or red marks over my nose, total comfort. This will be different for everyone with their unique face shape but the wide frame will be comfortable for most wearers I imagine. Optometrists often advice people to wear glasses where the outer edge of the frame extends beyond the edge of their face, even if only slightly, this gives greater aesthetic value and comfort and with the Classic Wayfarer shape this is perfect achieved instantly.

Layoners promise free shipping worldwide. Free returns in 30 days. 24 month warranty on all products and the site claims a safe checkout process. It’s a confidence inspiring package to try if it’s a brand that perhaps you aren’t familiar with. I can vouch the Magnetic Blue as being 100% worth it for style, product details and delivery because it does exactly what it’s meant to, with style.

Rating: 5/5

RRP 33.99 euros

You can buy the Magnetic Blue or any other fabulous style at here.

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