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Geomag E-Motion Panels Magnetic Construction Set Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

I think, especially after having to home learn with children through lockdowns, every parent is involved in their child’s education whether it be as a home educating family or alongside schooling. It’s so important for children to get as much support with their learning as possible. Toys that also encourage hands on learning are so beneficial therefore I was so happy to receive a magnetic construction set from Geomag.

Geomag has a huge range of magnetic construction sets of various sizes and themes. The sets have a mix of metal balls, magnetic rods and panels that can be constructed together to make shapes, objects and whatever else you can imagine up all whilst teaching about how magnetic forces work. Each box can be played with separately or mixed with other sets. We already have a few boxes at home. My son has been gradually adding to his collection, often using pieces from different sets to come up with new ideas. We were delighted to receive the Geomag E-Motion Panels set to try out.

The E-Motion Panels set comes with a total of 32 pieces as well as an instruction booklet which has a variety of construction ideas. This set has all the pieces needed to create your own spinner including balls, various coloured rods and square, triangle and pentagon shaped panels. My son excitedly got stuck in to the building. He started by following along with the instruction booklet which was easy to follow. Before long he had managed to create the spinner and spent just as long playing with it on our kitchen floor as he did constructing. The guide was a great starting point and then he began to make changes adding and removing pieces and then testing the spinner out again. I love how the Geomag really got my son thinking. He was thinking logically about where he could place pieces, how much weight it could hold and how he could change the design and still make it spin. As well as this he became creative making different objects out of the pieces and adding them to other sets he already owns. We were both also so fascinated by how the magnets work, watching them attract and repel. I had so much fun too, I can understand why it is suitable for ages 5 up to 99! The metal balls are rather small so parent supervision would definitely be needed for younger children.

After finishing playing the set neatly packs away with a small box in which to store the smallest pieces. I also love that everything is made from 100% recycled plastic. It’s fab to see a big company being environmentally friendly.

Overall I think the Geomag E-Motion Panels set is a fantastic toy. It’s perfect for learning from home as it’s fun, interesting and engaging. My children have had hours of fun playing with this set, always finding something new and fascinating to try each time they get it out. I’m very impressed with how high the quality of the pieces are too.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.00

This product can be purchased from The Entertainer Toy Shop here.

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