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Fun at home with Schleich Dinosaurs Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

My 7-year-old twins love anything dinosaur related, they have amassed quite a collection of dinosaurs, large and small over the years. One of their favourite things in our home is a dinosaur canvas which roars when you press a button. We were therefore very excited and delighted to be sent two Schleich products to try out. Schleich are well-known for creating high-quality and very detailed dinosaur and animal toys.

The first item we received was the Schleich Dinosaur Set with Cave 41461 (RRP: £44.99). The set arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The set, whilst well packaged was easy to remove from its packaging and contained the following:

  • 1 x Herrerasaurus
  • 1 x Psittacosaurus
  • 1 x Microraptor
  • 1 x cave
  • 1 x column
  • 1 x stone
  • 1 x stone slab

The set is suitable for children aged 5-12 and is such good quality. I have no doubt that cheaper dinosaur playsets are available but this one is worth the price due to its quality. The detail on each of the dinosaurs is just phenomenal. Each dinosaur is the perfect size for little hands to hold and play with. We have had many hours of fun playing with this playset. The cheeky dinosaurs really enjoy hiding out in the cave and then poking their head out and roaring at passing humans. I say humans, but I really mean the dolls who live in our dolls house. The dinosaurs have also been causing terror by sneaking into the beds of the inhabitants of our dolls house or eating the food meant for the dolls.

This is such a wonderful toy to encourage children using their imagination. Pretend play toys are high up on my list of favourite types of toy. We have talked about the history of dinosaurs, further adding to the educational value of this fantastic product. We have even discussed how the dinosaurs are feeling, whether that be happy, sad or afraid. I think this is a really useful way to help children understand not just their own emotions but those of others. We have laughed so much at some of the cheeky antics the dinosaurs have got up to. My twins have even incorporated the dinosaur playset into their train/airport related play. Who knew dinosaurs can fly off on holiday on planes just like people can?

The really is a wonderful, detailed and high-quality playset (the stone slab has an excellent fossil print that is really cool), Herrerasaurus has a moveable lower jaw, the front part of the cave can be transformed into a catapult to knock down other dinosaurs and the stone slab is movable so any dinosaurs passing under it can be buried! It not only offers hours of play but can also help educate about dinosaurs and the natural world.

The second item we received was small T-Rex and Velociraptor set of figures 42216 (RRP: £13.99). The dinosaurs, whilst being well packaged, were easy to remove from their packaging. Having this additional two dinosaurs has further enhanced the quality of our play of the cave. One of my twins likes the T-Rex best (after all, it is the best dinosaur) and the other the Velociraptor. These dinosaurs fitted perfectly into the cave playset. I love the colours of the Velociraptor, it looks stunning. The amount of detail which has gone into these figures is impressive. Schleich clearly put so much thought and effort into their products being as life like as possible.

Both of the above items would make a perfect Christmas gift for any dinosaur loving children in your life. I think any child would have a huge grin on their face on Christmas Day, especially as they are sturdy, excellent quality and highly detailed. The cave playset and extra dinosaurs neatly pack away into a storage container full of dinosaur themed toys when not in use. This toy can clearly stand up to hours of hands on play from a pair of lively twins. I think that this playset will be something we will be able to pass on eventually for another child to enjoy.  

Rating: 5/5

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