BTR Kids Car Back Seat Organiser Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

I’m a naturally messy person. I wish I wasn’t, but I am. I’d like to use my three children as an excuse here but if I’m honest, all they’ve done is multiply the problem. My car is another level of messy, a bit like a travelling crèche and even though I regularly tidy it up, it’s still an embarrassment as well as being impossible to keep organised. This explains why I was so happy when the BTR Kids Car Back Seat Organiser arrived at my house. It’s a simple idea really, pockets, zips and handy compartments all in one place. Attached simply and quickly to the back of the drivers or passenger seat and all of a sudden order has been restored and people can get into the car without treading on drinks, snacks and colouring books. I can’t wait to head off on a long journey without the jumble of items under my feet in the passenger footwell that my children would otherwise be simultaneously lost without and unable to locate. Now they’ll be able to find everything and I won’t need to keep handing things back to them!

The BTR Kids Car Back Seat Organiser itself is black, neat and unobtrusive. It has a sturdy stiff back to prevent it flopping all over the place and seven pockets. Of these seven, there is one wide zip pocket, six elasticated pockets and two elasticated mesh pockets. It is affixed to the back of the seat by an adjustable strap which fits around the headrest and another which fastens around the seat, all fitted securely in a matter of moments. On each side about halfway down there’s a strong Velcro strap with a d-ring, which I’ve used to hang pram toys from ready to be detached and handed over to the baby at the first sign of fractiousness. The organiser doesn’t shift or flap about whilst the vehicle is in motion and the numerous shallow pockets rather than a single massive deep one like the pre-existing one on the back of the car seat minimise the amount of rummaging which needs to go on for anyone to find something in it.

My daughters think it’s fabulous, particularly the two mesh pockets right at the top of the organizer, as these are the perfect size to contain their essential travel treasures such as their teddies and dummies, even better that they get one pocket each and the mesh construction means that they can see what is in those pockets easily. The two bottom elasticated pockets are the perfect size for drinks bottles and the elastic is sufficient to keep the bottles held in place but not so strong that little hands can’t get them in and out with ease. The coated fabric that the organiser is made of is easy to clean by giving it a quick wipe and it also seems fairly spill resistant.

Travelling with children is always a challenge but the BTR Kids Car Back Seat Organiser lends an extra helping hand, which is just the ticket. People travelling without any children would of course still find a multitude of uses for the organiser; tissues, books, sunglasses etc. would all find a home within it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £11.99 (1x Organiser) / £19.99 (2x Organisers)

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