Five Reasons To Create Your Own Parenting Blog


As parents, we can often feel a little alone while we embark on this parenting journey. Some mums or dads will be staying at home to look after their littles ones, others may be off to work and spending most of their daily hours at the office or out on the road. You may have each other, but it can be a little lonely when it comes to offloading some of your thoughts, feelings, or simply sharing memories and anecdotes of your child’s day. This is when something like a parenting blog can be a great thing to consider, and I thought I would share with you five reasons why.

Reach out to like-minded parents

As it can be quite a lonely road being a parent, an online blog can be the perfect way to reach out to like-minded parents. Sharing your experiences and tips on common parenting subjects such as weaning or toddlerhood, even starting school or nursery, can be a great way to help others, and also find parents who share the same opinions as you do. Social media is a great way to share your articles, and through the comments you receive, it can often reassure you or simply help you to help others going through similar situations.

An online diary to help you remember

The parenting journey can offer some amazing memories, from when your child is born and right through the years moving forward, but it is impossible to remember everything. This is why a blog can become an online diary for you to share those family days out, the ordinary moments or even just the time you had a good or bad day. Those thoughts that you typed could become a real comfort to you in the future, and even a place for your children to read your thoughts when they grow up. Imagine your teenage or adult children in the future, looking up your blog to see how they were as babies or toddlers. Some of the memories could have been lost in time, but an online blog means you will always have access to the memories, in whatever format you wish to share them.

A chance to try out new products

So many more brands are wanting to real people to try and review their products, even we offer you the chance to get involved with reviews of products and services, but of course, it can be daunting to hand out your address to people. This is where you may want to obtain an alternative physical address which could serve as the location to receive products for review. It’s a great way to try out new things, and share your thoughts with other parents. These days, so many people will turn to the internet to find out if a product or service is any good, which is why more and more brands are wanting this form of advertising for their products or services.

It could potentially turn into a career

Not all of us love our jobs, so wouldn’t it be nice to have something you feel passionate about that can work around your family? Blogging could create this opportunity for you. So many parents today have turned what was a hobby into a career. Blogging is such a diverse and fast paced industry that there is room for everyone to take advantage of advertising opportunities, sponsored content or even being involved with big brand campaigns. Through your blog, you can advertise brands, sell merchandise or products, include affiliate links for products you love, or even feature articles written for brands. The sky’s the limit.

Share experiences of hard topics

Finally, there are many topics that just don’t get discussed enough. If you find that you have been through something, blogging can be a great form of therapy. But it can also be a place to help other people going through similar situations in the future. There are many varied subjects throughout your parenting journey that you will often search high and low for others that have been through similar situations, but you just can’t find it. This is where sharing your own experience on some of the more difficult times to could resonate with so many others out there, and even help someone in need of reassurance or advice. Whether it’s your frustration with weaning, or even dealing with a loss, these subjects can be hard to talk about, but so meaningful for someone to read.

I hope these reasons have inspired you to start a parenting blog yourself.

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