Emporio Armani Eau De Parfum Pour Femme 30ML Review


Reviewed by Debbie & her mum

My mum loves her branded fragrances.  She does tend to have her firm favourites and I was not sure how she would take to a new fragrance.  My mum is amazing.  She is always looking out for everyone else, rarely treating herself and I wanted her to have a nice treat for yourself.   Therefore when I had the opportunity to review Emporio Armani Eau De Parfum Pour Femme (translates to for women) I had the fragrance sent to my mum.    The perfume arrived quickly and it made my mum’s day.  It arrived in perfect condition and had just the right amount of packaging. I think it’s great when companies consider the environment. 

My mum could not resist trying it straight away.  A small spray of the fragrance seemed to go a long way and the smell was both long lasting and pleasant.  My mum loves the floral scent.  She has not managed to pinpoint which flower. I did read the information online about the fragrance and the notes are black cherry (top), jasmine (heart) and vanilla (base).  The lid of the bottle is easy to remove.    One minor niggle would be that the lid of the bottle is sometimes difficult to put back on.  My mum works in an office. She received so many compliments from her colleagues about her new fragrance. 

This perfume would be ideal for wearing either during the daytime or in an evening.  Because you do not need to apply much of it during each use, I can see this lasting my mum for months.  I think there’s a good chance she will be hinting for Santa to bring her some more for Christmas.  The 30ML bottle is just the right size to pop into your handbag or your luggage for romantic weekend away. 

The bottle itself looks so simple yet sophisticated.  I love the fact that the word ‘You’ is emphasised both on the bottle and on the box.  .  After all, in these challenging days it can make all the difference to do a little something for you.  This fragrance was that little something for my mum.

The box has a simple design that looks like a rose gold ribbon.  Both my mum and I love rose gold. 

I decided to have a look at the other fragrances on the Perfume Direct website.   There is free shipping on orders over £50.  Their website is easy to navigate. You can search by brand or look in the mens and womens sections of the website. You can also view their best sellers. I must admit liking being able to see what’s popular at the present time. Students can even save 8% with Student Beans and they even offer a youth discount for those aged 18-21. You can even opt to pay an additional £4.99 and have your item gift wrapped.

I think that this fragrance or an alternative one from Perfume Direct would make a fantastic gift for your special someone on Valentine’s Day or a wonderful treat for Mother’s Day.  In fact, I think that it would make a fantastic gift for just about any special occasion or a nice buy yourself treat. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £50 but on sale for £42.99 at the time of writing this review

This product can be purchased from Perfume Direct here .

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