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Eat Sleep Doodle Single Duvet Cover Review

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

“Seriously? I can actually write on it?”… Then the biggest smile spread across my daughters face when she realised that I was serious, and yes I was giving her permission to write, draw, doodle and play games on her bedding!

And just to prove it, I took one of the marker pens and drew out naughts and crosses for us to play… This was the first of many games and doodles to appear on her bedding that night!

When I asked for a 9 year olds review of the item, the resounding response to this product was “awesome”!

So as you can understand for my daughter, this items a big hit! And so here’s the review from a parents point of view!

Eat sleep doodle is a fabulous concept for a responsible child (or a younger one under supervision) who understands that just because they can doodle to their hearts content on this particular set of bedding, doesn’t mean they can doodle on other sets too.

That said, giving a child a set of fabric pens and a duvet that is printed to look like a sheet of notepaper is their dream come true!

The duvet cover is lovely white 100% cotton – fresh and fabulous quality. As mentioned the cover I reviewed is printed with lines across it to depict a sheet of note paper (it’s worth noting that this is only the duvet cover – not a pillow case… I don’t think I would like my daughters face sleeping on the pillow covered in ink anyway, but thought it was worth mentioning that you will need to supply your own pillow cases).

Within the package there is also a set of fabric pens containing 10 pens all different colours. I was really surprised at this as similar products I have had in the past like ‘design your own t-shirts’ generally only come with 3 or 4 pens, so such a selection is great.

So the concept is simple… Make the bed up and let your child express all their imagination on their bedding! You can doodle, write stories, messages, play games – we even did my daughters spelling homework!

When the duvet was full – and I mean literally nowhere else to draw, we took it off the bed a washed it at 40 degrees. I was at little sceptical that all the ink would come out and we would be left with a smudged, stained looked duvet set… But how wrong was I? The duvet came out completely clean ready to dry and start all over again.

If you are worried about the ink transferring through the fabric you can always and another layer onto it whilst drawing but I must admit, we did not have this problem.

I think this is a great product if given to the right age. It’s so much fun for my daughter and friends to be able to draw on the sheet and I know I can just wash it all out and she can start all over again.

I highly recommend this product as a gift or as a treat for your own family.

A fun 5 out 5 from both my daughter and I.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.50 (Single Duvet Cover), £15 (Pillow Case).

Available to buy from Eat Sleep Doodle here.


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