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Dusk Lighting LED Outdoor Single Ground Spike Light Review

Reviewed by Jane Warwick

We spend a lot of time in our garden, especially during the summer evenings. As the day turns to dusk, outside lights are an essential if you want to enjoy your garden into the evening. Dusk Lighting offer a large selection of outdoor (as well as indoor) lighting and sent us their EGLO Nema 1 LED Outdoor Single Ground Spike Light.

This product arrived in a large cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap to protect the item which came in a smaller box with the lamp bulb in another small box. A lot of packaging for one item but it was well protected. It is great to see that an LED bulb is supplied, but slightly confusing to find a piece of card which showed a picture of a large screw LED bulb with a different wattage. 

There were a number of instruction sheets. One of these is the company’s (EGLO), warranty provisions in 23 different languages and the other is the general safety information in an impressive 32 different languages. In contrast, the instruction sheet on how to assembly the item was only on A5 size sheet of paper and consisted of a few pictures in black and white with numbers to explain the sequence of assembling the pieces together, whilst an advert  found in the box for another type of bulb E27 is on coloured card. The instructions 1- 3 were fine and no problem at all but numbers 4 and 5 where a suction knob is supposed to be placed on the LED bulb proved to be very problematic. This could be due to the plastic suction device which is supposed to be stuck on the bulb being bent. It was therefore difficult to get a firm 100% contact with the surface of the LED bulb. Also, it was unclear as whether the suction device needed to be dry or damp and I could not get it to work either way. The reason for the suction device is to make it easier to move the screws at the back of the bulb into the correct secure position as this cannot be done with just your hand due to the bulb being in a casing so there is no area to grip. Having failed with the suction device, I had to start from scratch and ignore instructions 1 and 2 and go straight to instruction 3 and then I used masking tape which I stuck on the surface of the bulb making a loop. This enabled me to twist the bulb into the correct secure position and then I followed instructions 1 and 2. When the light was completed it looked smart, and when switched on, it produced a bright light for 2 metres which could be tilted due to the adjustable head lamp so highlight a garden ornament or BBQ area at night.

The light comes only with 2 metres of cable, but this is stated in the information provided both on the box and on the website. This means you must have outdoor electric sockets in order to use this light or get an electrician to remove the plug and hard wire this ground light.

This outdoor light offers very good brightness. While it only has short 2 metre cord, the plug can be removed and hardwired with others to create a line of lights to illuminate the whole garden.

Would I recommend this light? I would if you do have outdoor electric sockets. It is of a good quality and the bulb is bright.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £28.80 (currently £17.28 at time of writing).

For more information or to buy, visit www.dusklights.co.uk.

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