Aldi Bluetooth Soundbar Review

Reviewed by Catherine Joyce

A new Aldi has just opened near where we live and it is quite exciting looking in the middle aisles each week to see what offers they have. I have purchased quite a few of them and have always found them to be very good quality and very purse friendly. Their latest special buys include a Bluetooth Soundbar which we were lucky enough to try this weekend, much to the delight of my family who have wanted one for a while.

We have all been getting a little frustrated with the sound quality on our TV, especially when watching films. It’s not that it isn’t loud enough but we often find that the built-in speakers are just not good enough to make out dialogue. I don’t watch enough TV to justify a full “home cinema” so I hoped that the Bluetooth Soundbar from Aldi would do the trick and improve the sound quality and I am pleased to say that it did!

The soundbar comes in two parts and can be assembled in two different ways. Reasonably heavy bases are provided to make the soundbar into two separate speakers, these could be positioned vertically either side of the TV, up to 1.2m apart. Alternatively, the two 20w speakers can be fastened together to make a single soundbar to sit beneath a screen. However, you choose to assemble the speakers, which twist together without the need for tools, they feel secure and do not move around or wobble once in place. Not mentioned in the 30 page instruction manual is that a set of wall mount brackets is also supplied, giving a third mounting option.

The soundbar is made of a gloss black plastic with a black metal grille so will not look out of place with most TVs. It is not too heavy but feels well-made and not at all flimsy.

There are five different ways to connect to the soundbar, line-in which makes use of a 3.5mm jack cable (supplied), a phono connection (cable also supplied), HDMI (not supplied) and finally optical (not supplied). In order to use the HDMI method your TV must support an audio return channel (ARC), mine does not so I used the phono lead to connect the soundbar to our TV.

Of course, you can use Bluetooth to connect other devices to it, setup is very simple if you follow the instructions in the manual which are very easy to follow. A long press of the Bluetooth button is required to enter pairing mode and then you are ready to go.

A remote control is provided which gives control over every function but the basics can also be controlled from buttons on the end of the soundbar (on the top if setup as separate speakers).

So far, I’ve watched a film and listened to music using the soundbar and I’m quite impressed. The speakers are a noticeable improvement over those built-in to the TV, giving that “home cinema” feel at an affordable price. They are also great Bluetooth speakers and whilst they couldn’t be described as Hi-Fi they are a perfectly acceptable way of listening to music from your phone. They do lack the bass of larger speakers but sounded fine in our medium sized living room.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £44.99

Available to buy online from Aldi from 5 September 2019 (available to pre-order today). For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store, visit

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