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Dry Kids Original Jacket And Trousers Set Review


Reviewed by Kathryn Harrison

I have two daughters, my youngest, who is four, nearly five, loves being outside in all weathers. In fact she’s most happy being out in the rain, splashing in puddles having the time of her life! Inevitably though after the initial fun and laughter she starts to get cold, wet and grumpy! So when the opportunity to review a Dry Kids jacket and trousers set came up I jumped at the chance!

On the Dry Kids website there’s a wide range of wet weather clothing including splash hats, jackets, over trousers and all in ones. We opted for the Original Jacket and Trousers set. From a selection of 8 different colours we choose the Gold set. This is a very bright yellow colour so it will be easy to see my daughter when she’s running around in the park. On the website there’s seven different size options, from 2yrs up to 13-14yrs. There’s also a helpful size guide so you can pick the right size for your child. We decided to go for 5-6yrs. As an extra bonus when you order on the Dry Kids website you get free shipping.

When the set arrived I was really pleased with the quality. The material used to make it feels very thick and hard-wearing. The jacket has a fold away hood and can be folded up to fit inside one of the front pockets, so very compact! There’s two large pockets on the front of the jacket, this is excellent for little ones who need room to store all the sticks, stones and other treasures they collect. Another thing I was impressed with was that the cuffs on the arms of the jacket are elasticated this means less chance of water getting in and resulting in wet sleeves. The over trousers are just as good, they have a strong elasticated waist and on the ankles there are poppers. You can close the poppers to make the ankles more slim fitting and tuck the trousers inside wellies or open the poppers so the trousers can go over the top of wellies, very versatile. There are no pockets on the trousers but there are two openings, one on either leg, so the child can reach the pockets on their trousers underneath.

My daughter was excited to try the set on and despite looking a little bit like a fisherman she looked great. The set is roomy enough to have lots of warm layers underneath but not so big that it would look silly with thinner layers on when it’s a warm but wet day. Luckily we live in the North West so it wasn’t long before we were able to head out in the rain to test the set out. My daughter splashed in every puddle she could find and whilst the rest of us were quite wet, her clothes underneath were lovely and dry. The set seems easy to look after, on the website there is a care guide which recommends hosing down with cold water and leaving to air dry after use and also has instructions on how to machine wash if needed. This is a great waterproof set and really good value. I can see this set lasting a long time and us getting a lot of use out of them!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.95

This product can be purchased from Dry Kids here.

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