Divine Chocolate Review

Divine Chocolate

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

This range of fair trade chocolate certainly lives up to its name for they are all divine! The problem we had was where to start.

The White Chocolate & Strawberry Hearts were beautifully packaged and tasted gorgeous. The carton was so nice and everyone enjoyed them.

Next to delight our taste buds were the Milk Chocolate Praline Eggs but we didn’t get much of a look in with these as the kids pinched them all. We knew how good they were as they had huge chocolate covered grins when we asked what they thought of them!

The Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Orange bar was very nice. It had just the right blend of ginger and orange mixed with the dark chocolate. None of the ingredients overpowered the others and I preferred this bar to the Dark Chocolate with Raspberries.

The raspberry bar I found the chocolate to be a little bitter which took away from the taste somewhat. The bar that I enjoyed most was the Orange Milk Chocolate bar. The friends who I shared the bars with also liked this bar.

In summary everyone enjoyed the Divine range of chocolate products and the fact they are fair trade is brilliant and we would highly recommend them to anyone but be warned if the kids get their hands on them first you won't get a look in!

Rating: 4/5 

All these and more can be bought from the Divine Chocolate Shop here.

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