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morrisonsDining In with Morrisons


Reviewed by Amy Jones

There is nothing than myself and my partner like more than to eat a good meal, however Valentine’s Day out in town doesn’t really appeal, from experience you are normally made to wait a good while only to be offered a (generally more expensive) set menu. So this is why we were excited to review the Morrisons 3 course meal with a lovely bottle of bubbly to match.

To start we had the M kitchen half aromatic duck. A great sharing starter with little pancakes, plum sauce and plenty of duck to go around.

This was swiftly followed by M signature British steak Diane (450g). For our main course, and what a main this was! The steak was really tender it fell apart and flaked off – lovely and juicy. The sauce was so rich and creamy with lots of yummy mushrooms in it. The whole combination was just lovely. The portion size was perfect for 2 people to share with a side of rice, it tasted homemade, you would not have known it was a ready meal.

After a little rest following the starter and main (another positive to dining in!) for dessert we had the M signature creme brûlée. Individual sized deserts that were perfect portion sizes and extremely creamy. This is definitely going onto my shopping list again, a great way to finishing off the meal.

All washed down with ‘Prosecco Spumante’ which is specially selected just for Morrison stores. This Prosecco was a lovely light refreshing drink that matched perfectly with our duck starter. A must for all Prosecco fans out there – I found this easier to drink then other dryer sparkling wines that I have tried in the past.

Overall, dining in with Morrisons was a great experience for the two of us.  We really liked the pace and ease of enjoying our 3 courses without feeling rushed by waiters or being over charged for pricy Valentine’s set menus.

Morrisons food here definitely deserves a 5/5 – it was faultless!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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