Dental Price List for Hungary 2019

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Hungary might not be the first country that comes to mind for quality dental care. Yet, it is a fact that the European nation welcomes patients from across the continent, offering a high standard of dental work at affordable price points. With state-of-the-art facilities and a growing number of experienced dentists, Hungary is among the top options for people in the UK seeking affordable dentistry. Dentists in Hungary have the skills and expertise to offer a wide range of treatments, restoring your smile and enhancing overall dental health.

The main hub of dental tourism in the country is the capital city, Budapest. The city is home to renowned dental facilities, including Evergreen Dental, the Dentium Implant Center, and MDental Hungary. Regardless of the procedure you need, from veneers to root canal, and from implants to crowns, dentists in Hungary can cater to your needs. However, you might wonder why you should travel overseas for dental work. The main attraction is the low cost of dental care in Hungary. Let us explore this in more detail.

Save Money on Dental Work in Hungary

In Hungary, dentists intentionally keep prices low. The main reason for this is attracting people from different countries across Europe and the world to undergo treatments there. Moreover, the cost of operating a dental clinic in Hungary is lower than in the UK. Brits can benefit by looking beyond NHS dentists and travelling to Budapest and other locations in Hungary for dental work. In fact, cities located near the country’s border offer more affordable care than the big cities.

So, the big question that comes to mind is how much money you can save by opting for dental care in Hungary. A price comparison will help you get a better idea:


Price in the UK: £759
Price in Hungary: £200

Root Canal

Price in the UK: £1,452
Price in Hungary: £392

Dental Implants

Price in the UK: £2,574
Price in Hungary: £894

As you can see, you can conveniently save over 60% on the cost of dental treatments by travelling to Hungary. Dentists there are as qualified and experienced as their counterparts in the UK. You do not have to settle for inferior service or care by travelling to Hungary for treatments.

Is the Quality On Par with the UK?

Naturally, you might think that the low dental prices come with a catch. The price list shows that dentists in Hungary charge much less even complex treatments. The savings on the more expensive procedures, including all-on-four implants, run into thousands of pounds. Despite the low prices, the quality of dental care in Hungary is at par with that of the UK. The dentists adhere to a high standard of care and treatment. Many of them received their training and qualifications from renowned institutions.

Moreover, you can conveniently find dentists through dental tourism portals that screen the clinics before adding them. The Hungary Medical Chamber registers the staff at all dental clinics, ensuring they are reliable. You can rest assured that a team of specialists will perform the procedure you opt for. Every member of the staff at the clinic you select will have the credentials and expertise to offer a superior quality of service than what you receive back home.

All in all, the price list for dentists in Hungary shows that dental work there is significantly more affordable than in the UK. If cost is the reason why you are apprehensive about getting a dental treatment, a trip to Hungary might be the perfect solution. Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned above and plan your trip.

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