Skin Care Routine: Get Flawless Skin in Seven Days

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Having skin free of dark spots, redness, and pimples may improve your quality of life and confidence. If you want to get flawless skin, make sure to change your eating habits. Sometimes, your skin needs special treatment like microneedling. For this process, you can get training from a reliable institute Emma Coates. Here are some simple steps for flawless skin.

Determine Skin Type

Is it a combination, normal, dry or oily? To know this, wash your face and leave it untouched for one hour. Use a tissue to inspect your skin by dabbing over T-zone (cheek and nose).

  • Normal skin feels smooth and supple. If you have normal skin, you are lucky because there is no need to worry about flakes or oil.
  • If you see grease on tissue, you have oily skin. People with oily skin may have some shine and large pores.
  • Dry skin will show dead skin flakes and feel taut. It has small pores, so you have to moisturise this skin constantly.
  • Combination skin is common because it exhibits traits of all other types of skin. The skin will be oily in T-zone and normal – dry elsewhere.

Buy Moisturiser, Toner, Facial Scrub and Cleanser

A young person can avoid facial scrub. Make sure to test a few brands before choosing one. Consult an associated with the skin care or makeup counter. Feel free to test different formulas. Sometimes, you can get samples of a product to try it on your skin.

Make sure to buy a moisturiser, toner, and cleanser. Choose non-comedogenic products to avoid clogging to your pores. Clogged pores can increase the chances of pimples. In case of acne or eczema, see one dermatologist. They may give you a particular treatment or medication.

Purchase a Sunscreen SPF 15+ for Regular Use

A facial sunscreen without oil or fragrance can be a good choice. Sunscreen can block harmful UV-B and UV-A rays. It may lead to skin cancers and damage. Several moisturisers come with sunscreen. Feel free to experiment with moisturisers to confirm if your sunscreen works on your skin. The moisturiser will keep your face hydrated.

Use Face Wash Regularly

Make sure to wash face after every three days. If you are using your face wash once in seven days, you may not see its benefits. A loofah or washcloth can’t be a good option. Make sure to wash your hands before applying anything on your face.

Wash your face once at night and once in the morning. If you have pimples and oily skin on your face, make sure to wash your face regularly. Moisturise your skin after each wash. A facial cleanser can suck natural oils from your skin. Hydrated skin looks beautiful and clear.

Eat Properly

A balanced menu is necessary for beautiful, healthy skin. Pay attention to the food pyramid. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Nutritionists recommend eating 5 services of veggies and 3 servings of vegetables daily. Avoid food items with sugar and caffeine along with red meat and greasy food.

Drink almost 8 glasses of water regularly. Avoid soft, sugary drinks, coffee, and caffeine. Herbal/green tea is loaded with antioxidants to protect your body cells from damage.

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