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Cricut Joy – Personalising T-shirts and Bottles Review


Reviewed By Dorothy White

I wanted to try more things with the Cricut Joy so couldn’t wait to look for logos online and put them on T-shirts for both my granddaughters and grandsons. The ‘Whatever’ Tshirt had been a huge success so I searched for something similar. I found a logo referring to Attitude which I thought was great, and used Silver Holographic Iron On vinyl on a black T shirt. I had to make the logo in pieces as the Cricut Joy has a width limit, the length is no problem, then assemble the whole logo just before putting it on the Tshirt. This time I used a heat press so I didn’t have to move an iron around. The heat press has an online guide where you choose the type of vinyl used and the Tshirt material and it tells you what temperature and how long to press which is a great help. I always put a piece of card between the front and back of the Tshirt before applying the logo, also I have started to fold the Tshirt in half and press it to make a line down the centre to use as a guide for the logo. I use a clean Tea Towel over the Logo when pressing. Eldest granddaughter loved her ‘So apparently I have an attitude.’ Tshirt so I also made her one with ‘Dance is my favourite season’ again in the Silver Holographic Vinyl as she loves dance. An ex work colleague was so impressed when she saw them she asked if I could make a couple for her for her niece’s birthday! She wanted the ‘Attitude’ logo on a black Tshirt, exactly the same as granddaughter’s, and something relating to Singing with silver holographic vinyl on a pink T shirt. Both turned out fantastic and she cannot wait to give them to her niece on her birthday.

My nephew’s wife saw my granddaughter wearing her ‘Attitude’ Tshirt and commented she could do with one of those for her daughter aged just 3! I found a suitable one for her and put it on a Tshirt!! I also did one with a Split Unicorn logo her mother liked and put her name in the middle. I have since bought some logos online to put on T-shirts for my twin grandsons just 8 which they love, but they relate to the online computer games they like to play. When using Iron on Vinyl you need to remember to use ‘Mirror Image’.

I was now feeling more confident about putting names on water bottles using the strong transfer tape, granddaughter is a dance student at a London college and regularly loses her water bottles. I was not sure if she would be happy taking a named bottle into college. When she asked if I could do two, one for herself and one for a friend who had just had a birthday in bright pink script I didn’t hesitate. It was trial and error as to how long to make the names, but once it was decided which length would look best they were quickly cut and the names put on the bottles. They look great and her friend loved her present. When using permanent vinyl for names on bottles or labels you do not Mirror the image!

Next I want to tackle Cricut Joy Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets.

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