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Cards on the Cricut Joy Review


Reviewed by Dorothy White

We have had a couple of birthdays in our family recently, an examination success and a friend’s 50th birthday is coming up very soon. Cards on the Cricut Joy are so easy to make as it talks you through every step of making them.

The first birthday to come up was my granddaughter who was going to be 15. Her mother had been away for a few days and had forgotten to buy a card for her 8 year old twins to give to their sister. My daughter rang me when she was about ten minutes away from my house to ask me to make a birthday card. I chose one with lots of parcels heaped up. I chose the card & put it on the card carrier, pressed ‘Make it’. First the pen was needed, then the blade, I chose an insert and fitted it in the spaces in the card I had just cut. The card was made perfectly within a few minutes and was ready for the boys to sign when they popped in on their way home. My daughter loved the card I had chosen, and it was so easy to make.

I decided I would make a card to send to my sister in law for no particular reason other than I just felt like sending her a card with a note inside. Cricut Joy makes it so easy to make cards on impulse. I chose a lovely card with a flower design, selected the card and the insert, put the card in the card carrier and pressed ‘Make it’. This time I didn’t need the pen, it was simply done with the blade. It was a huge success.

My granddaughter had some great news, she had passed a much needed exam to further her training. I just had to send her a Congratulations card. I chose a pretty design which just needed the blade and chose a grey card and a pink insert, it was quickly made. Granddaughter loved it and has become very interested in my Cricut Joy! The Cricut Joy is going to save me a fortune on shop bought cards!

A friend is going to be 50 in a few days so I decided to use the Cricut Joy to make her a 50th birthday card. This time I chose a design with a slice of cake, put the card in the carrier and again the Cricut Joy made it perfectly. I used the text facility to cut a 50 in Silver Permanent Vinyl and cut some shiny pink card as the insert. I decided I would make a second card as I loved the one with the piles of presents I had made for granddaughter’s birthday, I could then choose between the two later. I used a gold Cricut Joy pen I had bought and inserted it when asked, then swapped it for the blade. I cut another 50 in Silver Permanent Vinyl and put it on the card. Once again I used a piece of pink shiny card as the insert. I still haven’t decided which card to give my friend in a few days time, but at the moment the card with the cake is winning.

My sister in law had a birthday coming up, yes you’ve guessed it, out came the Cricut Joy again. I love the card with the presents piled up so once again I made this one for her. It’s amazing what a variety of cards you can make by using the same template but different coloured inserts and adding numbers.

I am really enjoying making cards with the Cricut Joy whether they are for Congratulations, Birthdays or just because I feel like sending a card. You can buy Packs of 12 cards with insert cards and envelopes specially for the Cricut Joy. These packs come different colours and the insert cards which fit perfectly compliment the card. You can if you wish buy card and cut it yourself to use as inserts if you fancy something shiny, I used one of the inserts from the pack as a guide and cut the shiny card with my Cricut guillotine.

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