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Cricut Joy – Infusible Ink and Transfer Sheets Review


Reviewed by Dorothy White

Although I have now successfully cut and ironed several vinyl transfers on to 100% cotton T-shirts for my grandchildren and friends, I had never attempted an Infusible Ink Transfer. I had read about them and watched a YouTube video, so knew it was advisable to use a mostly Polyester garment to prevent the colour fading during washing. I decided I would download an image so I could put an infusible ink transfer on a T-shirt for my daughter, luckily I had a Cricut white T-shirt in her size.

First I researched suitable Infusible Ink Transfer designs, or what I thought would be suitable Infusible Ink Transfer designs! I found quite a pretty one with flowers and leaves which I had downloaded previously to put on a plain facemask but had not used. I thought if I used this design I could duplicate it a couple of times, add flowers to fill the gaps and it would make quite a pretty design for the T-shirt. This is where my plan fell apart!! You have heard that saying ‘Don’t run before you can walk!!’ I ran so fast!!!

I remembered to Mirror the image, but as the Joy was cutting this design I suddenly panicked and thought ‘What do I do next’? I quickly watched the video again! Once the Joy had finished cutting I started to pick out the unwanted bits to reveal my flowers and leaves, I found the leaves impossible, they were so tiny and parts of the leaves which should have stayed were falling out, the design was too complicated for me as a beginner. I resorted to cutting around the flowers and just keeping those.

I still needed something as a focal point for the T-shirt and thought ‘Believe’ would be very apt for my daughter. I found a design for ‘Believe’ which was surrounded by stars and inserted it into my project on Design Space. Because I had wasted most of my Infusible Ink Transfer sheet on my failed cut I was unable to make ‘Believe’ as large as I would have liked, so settled for a size which would fit within the width suitable for the Cricut Joy and added the flowers I had managed to retrieved around it as I put it on the T-shirt. It was so much easier to remove the unwanted pieces from this new design, I would use it again, but make the word ‘believe’ larger by putting it down the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet instead of across it. I prepared my 97% Polyester Cricut T-shirt with a sheet of white card between the front and back by pressing it with the heat press, then arranged my design on the T-shirt, making sure ‘Believe’ would end up the right way round, and placed the flowers around it. I set the Cricut heat press to 195 degrees and pressed the infusible ink onto the T-shirt, but the ink from the flowers near the V neck had not transferred to the T-shirt properly on my first attempt so I tried once again. I think it was because I hadn’t wanted to press over the V neckline, so I had missed them with the heat press.

I sent a photograph of the finished T-shirt to my daughter who said she loved it!!

I am sure that when I use an Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet for another T-shirt, I will make a much better job of it.

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