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Cricut Joy – Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet & Pens Review


Reviewed by Dorothy White

I had almost successfully mastered using Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets for putting designs on a T-shirt but wanted to try it out on something else. I bought some Cricut coasters and decided to use Coffee as my theme. I found some designs within Cricut Design Space for take-away coffee cups but typed COFFEE using Text myself, then inserted the take-away cup into my COFFEE design. Once I was happy with the layout, I used a brown Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet which I thought was appropriate for coffee and cut the design. I wanted to try a variety of combinations on my coasters so only wanted to make one of this design. It was a success, but the whole design was slightly too large for my coaster, so not to be beaten I cut the COFFEE away from the take-away cup and put just COFFEE diagonally across one coaster, covered it and pressed it. A word of warning, the coaster became very hot so I had to leave it to cool before I could remove the Transfer Sheet. It turned out great!! I then used the take-away cup and put this on a second coaster. Another success!

Pleased with this I decided to try the Infusible Ink Pens to draw the same \\\\\ .;design on a piece of plain white paper. I set up the Cricut Joy and inserted the black Infusible Ink Pen and put the paper on the carrier mat and the Cricut Joy did the work. I wondered how a design drawn on plain paper with an Infusible Ink Pen would compare to a design using an Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet. I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t turn out as dark as the one using the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet, but personally I think it looks great. With the transfer sheet the word COFFEE was solid, but with the pen it was just an outline, but I still loved it. This time I had reduced the size of the image so the word COFFEE and the take-away cup fitted on the coaster diagonally. I pressed it onto a 3rd coaster, I was impressed with the result!

I wanted to try adding Permanent Vinyl to cups. I had bought some Latte mugs so used my take-away cup logo and cut it in white vinyl which shows up lovely on a plain glass mug. I struggled to get the logo to stick to the mug but have since been told I should have cleaned the area first. I had just taken the mug out of the box so didn’t think I needed to clean it. I decided to cut the COFFEE with the take-away cup logo this time and using the Cricut Strong Transfer Tape I successfully transferred the whole logo to the latte mug after first cleaning the surface down with washing up liquid, then drying the area.

I am really loving working and experimenting with the Cricut Joy as it has so many possibilities. I am now succeeding with transferring the permanent vinyl to mugs or bottles by using the Cricut strong transfer tape, it makes it so much easier to take the logo off the backing sheet then apply it to a coaster, mug or bottle.

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