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Ohelo Insulated Stainless Steel Water bottle Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

The product came in a brown paper parcel and my immediate thought was that when I opened the package the bottle was bound to have dents. How wrong I was. Inside the package was a brown cardboard cylinder with the cardboard cap in blue and the logo of Ohelo on the side together with the words insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. I removed the blue cap and pulled out the bottle which was wrapped in white tissue paper. I unwrapped the tissue paper and discovered to my delight, a blue bottle with a swallow design in silver on the bottle. No dents in sight; perfect. When I looked at the bottle more closely (having seen the murmuration of starlings off Brighton pier), I realised this design was based on a murmuration. I then checked on the website https://ohelobottle.com/collections/bottles/products/water-bottle-swallows-blue and found out this was true. (The swallows are laser etched onto the surface of the bottle so very clear). It certainly made the bottle very attractive.
I liked the idea that the cardboard cylinder which contained the bottle was made from recycled material and in hindsight appreciated that bubble wrap was not used especially when we all now should be cutting back on the use of plastics. I then noticed the little tag in the bottle which explained how to clean the bottle, so I followed the instructions. Whilst waiting to use the bottle, I read the notes on the back of the cardboard cylinder and it stated that it is “Hot at keeping things hot, cold at keeping things cold.” This made me smile as it reminded of a joke about a famous footballer from Manchester United who bought a state-of-the-art thermos flask from Harrods. When he asked what it does, he was told that it kept hot thing hot and cold things cold. At his next training session. he had the flask with him, and his fellow footballers asked him what he had in it and he said a coffee and an ice cream!

I decided that I would take my lovely bottle with me on a walk and put hot coffee in it. After 5 hours, I took the bottle out of the rucksack and there was no leakage from the cap. That is a real plus. I then had a gulp of the coffee and though not the same temperature as when I had poured it into the bottle, it was warm enough to drink after 5 hours and then also after 9 hours when I finished the remaining coffee. The only downside of this attractive, reusable, well insulated and leak proof bottle is that when drinking water it is fine to drink straight form the bottle but when drinking something like coffee it would be nice to have a little cup to drink it from. However, the description makes it very clear that a cup is not provided so you are aware of this when you purchase it. I love the design and certainly it is now the bottle of my choice to take with me to work.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £30

This product can be purchased from Ohelo here 

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