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Cranes Cider Gift Set Review


Cranes Drinks, based in Cambridge, was founded in 2012 by twin brothers Ben and Dan Ritsema. They created refreshingly natural ciders by utilising the sweetness of the super-fruits. The company name Cranes was decided upon because the shape of cranberry blossom is similar to that of a crane’s head, in fact in the 17th Century cranberries were called ‘crane-berries’. On their website, the brothers credit the research, and name suggestion, to their father. I recently had the great pleasure of trying one of Cranes Cider Gift Set to review.

The brown gift box contained 3x 500ml bottles:  one bottle each of their cranberry and apple ciders, together with a lovely tall Cranes branded serving glass. 

Cranberries and Limes. It wasn’t one of my favourites as not as sweet as some fruit-based ciders available. It was sharp, refreshing, and tart. It’s suggested that it should be served with ice and frozen cranberries, a drink others may enjoy. 

Blueberries and Apples. Another crisp and refreshing drink which was much sweeter and most definitely my favourite of the gift box. They suggest serving over ice with frozen blueberries.

Raspberries and Pomegranates. I found the flavour week balanced and not too sweet or tart. Cranes suggest serving over ice with frozen raspberries. 

All of these ciders were so lovely, and it must be noted that, by utilising the natural sugars in the high-quality cranberries and apples that Cranes select, these drinks contain 30% fewer calories than some other brands of cider. I personally love the fruit ciders that includes various fruit and not just the standard only-apple cider. 

I closely followed the serving suggestion for all three flavours but could imagine the fun that could be had by including these into some tasty cocktails, their colours and taste definitely would make for gorgeous cocktail  recipes!

With 2020 being the year full of curveballs and plans having to be changed, I would never say that it was too early to start planning your Christmas list for 2020 and add this gift as an ideal one for any cider lovers that you know. I myself have added three gift sets to my Christmas present list for three cider lovers in my family.

In addition to the three types of cider, Cranes also produce a 17% Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur and a handcrafted Cranberry Gin (another favourite of mine) , both of which are super popular. Check out their website to have a look at all their different products. 

Cranes Cranberry Cider has most definitely become a firm favourite of mine as it’s deliciously fruity and refreshing and will, in future, be accompanying my picnic basket to all family BBQ’s and gatherings! This tantalising trio are now available purchase nationally throughout the UK, from Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado and East of England Co-op. The Gift set is available to purchase online. The Cranes website has a handy supply checker where you can enter your postcode and find your nearest stockist. You can also purchase directly from the Cranes Online Store.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.50

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