Cosatto Supa Dupa Pixelate Twin Pushchair Review

CosattoSupaDupaSupa Dupa Pixelate
Twin Pushchair

Reviewed By Lisa Lambert

I was really excited to get delivery of the Supa Dupa Pixelate lightweight twin pushchair, I have twin boys aged 1 and we currently have a tandem and I am conscious they both need to see the world around them now they are little bit bigger.

The box came and the graphics were great it explained to you what was included and in the box and I was really excited then to get it open and set up. We opened the box and I wasn’t sure what to expect, was I going to have to build it or would it be built and to my surprise it was all built ready to go we just had to click the hood on and fit the cosy toes.

We first checked everything was there that the instructions advised, this is what the pram comes with:

Shopping basket
Foot muffs x 2
Rain cover
Plastic drink holder
Fabric bottle holders x2

I then read the instructions which runs through the use of the pram

Opening the pushchair
Using the break
Using the swivel wheels
Adjusting the handle height
Using the harness
Fitting the soft goods
Using the backrest
Using the calf support
Removing the baskets
Fitting the hoods
Using the hoods
Using the Multimedia pocket
Fitting the drink and bottle holders
Using the rain cover
Removing the seat for cleaning
Folding the pushchair

The instructions were great and easy to read and follow but for me personally I would of liked to see a quick set up guide with pictures as it took a while to read all the above.

Once I read all the instructions I set to work adding the hoods and foot muffs and exploring the pram making sure I could put it up and down, use the break etc… I was really pleased with the drinks holder as that is one thing my tandem lacks and I like to walk so this is a great little accessory for me and easy to clip on and off when putting pram in the car etc… It also came with 2 fabric bottle holders these were insulated so would be great for smaller babies to keep milk warm and great in summer to keep drink cool for my little ones, they just Velcro onto the frame so really easy to add or remove depending on if you need them with you or not or out and about.

The shopping basket is good size and split into two so you can share things evenly across the two, they are easy to get too and seem sturdy like they will hold your shopping properly no issues, although I haven’t done a shopping test yet I did have some changing bits and drinks in and there was no issue at all.

The actual seat units are quite slim but my boys seemed comfortable and they had big thick padded jackets on but were nice and snug. There is a full 5 point harness for safety and it is so easy to fasten and unfasten, it clips in really easily. All the straps are adjustable and again really simple to do. There are 3 height positions for the shoulder straps and these easily adjust as your baby grows which is good as I know from past experience with other pushchairs this can be a tricky process. The pushchair comes with head huggers for when you baby is little (the pram can be used form birth) and it also has shoulder pads we removed the head huggers as my boys don’t need them now but I kept the shoulder straps as they like to snug there head on them like the car ones they are all made in the same pattern as the pram so match really well.

The seat units recline and have 4 positions, also adjustable calf rest and it is so simple to adjust, I tried it out before I put the boys in but even with them sat in it was a breeze it is just one button in each seat to recline and it just clicks back up by pulling couldn’t be more simple. You can do it using just one hand which allows you keep hold of the pram safely. The calf rest are simple as well just a button on either side of the rest and it raises or lowers the position you can push the buttons independently of one another so again you could hold the pram and adjust if needed.

The fabric that the pram and foot muffs is made from is strong and durable and you can tell from the feel it will last and withstand two little growing boys and the stress a pushchair will go through. I have the Pixilate colour choice and it is really bright and vibrant and could be for girls or boys and I think it really does stand out but not in a bad way.

CosattoSupaDupa1Putting the pram up and down is really simple it’s just like any other umbrella pram and folds quite small when closed, I have had no issue getting it in the boot of my Zafira with the back seats up so this would fit in a normal boot space.

The brake seems a little flimsy but time will tell if that’s stands the test of time or not but it is secure when on and the pram doesn’t move and it didn’t slip of at any point when I was using it.

So onto the push and feel of the pram when walking, at first I struggled as the handles were a little low and then I remembered about the adjustable handles and it was really easy just one button to increase each handle and it was then the perfect height, I am 5ft 7” tall so without the extra height on the handles I found myself slightly hunchbacked. The actual push of the pram is easy and smooth I didn’t find it labour intensive and quite lightweight in comparison to my tandem. It was fine on the pavement you just have to take it slowly on the curbs and not try to just push it up as it just get jammed due to the small wheels but otherwise I found it really easy to manoeuvre. There are swivel wheels which you can lock in place or leave to swivel (personally I prefer them locked).

This pram has some little gadgets to it as well making it more than just you average umbrella fold. You have the drinks holders mentioned earlier and there is also a media pocket at the back of the pram and it has a speaker in so you can play music etc… to the children. The pocket is a good size and would fit anything up to a small tablet in there, the speaker has the correct volume for you babies so not to damage their ears. This is not anything I have seen before on a pram. There is also media pockets in each hood were you would be able to but a tablet to allow your children to watch TV. The hood come really far over and so enclose them in a little, not sure I would want my child to watch tv whilst out in the pram but on thinking about it the last day or so I can see how there might be times this would be a useful extra (not sure I will ever use them though).

The pram also comes with a 4 year Cosatto guarantee which you register online within 28 days of purchase which is good to know and provides some piece of mind regards and breakages, although you would hope for the price you didn’t have any issues.

The pram costs £320 to purchase with everything included as listed above and I think this is a reasonable cost. The Cosatto has lots of extras I haven’t seen on other pushchairs of a similar spec and price.

You can view there full range at

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £320

Available to buy from Cosatto here.

4 Star

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