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Reviewed by Lora Hole

I have just tried the Ladybird flavoured cocktail by King Bloom Cocktails. It is a drink made up of vodka, raspberry and kiwi with a hint of apple and lemon thrown in for good measure.

The cocktail is packaged in a pretty glass jar with instructions to simply add ice, shake and enjoy straight from the jar. It is a really great idea as it saves on the washing up and can be reused as suggested on the label.

I found the drink to be extremely refreshing and has a lovely flavour to it. You can really taste the raspberry and kiwi and all the flavours come together to complement each other. The ladybird cocktail has an alcohol volume of 8% so you can taste the vodka but not so much that it overpowers the flavour.

I would buy these again as I loved the taste however I would like if, in the future, King Bloom Cocktails could offer a larger sized option as, at 210ml per drink, they didn’t take long to drink. I also think the cocktails are a little on the expensive side (£2.50) but due to their high quality packaging and the fact it is reusable, I can see why they are. I would recommend this product to others and think it would be a lovely unique gift that could be used again and again even after the recipient had drunk the cocktail.


Also available in Blizzard and Tea Party flavours, for more information visit

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £30 for a pack of 12 (£2.50 each)

Available to buy from King Bloom here.

4 half Star

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