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Cool Pots Personalised Ceramic Plant Pot Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

House plants have seen a huge revival in the last year and what better way to display them than in a Cool Pot? Cool Pots are a personalised ceramic plant pot company and as I have bought a lot of house plants recently I was really keen to try them out.

The website is incredibly easy to navigate. First you have to decide your style and colour – I went for the colour burst but there are a huge variety of styles to choose from. Then you needed to upload the photos you wanted to use. I found photos I wanted and then made sure I cropped them so only the head of the person was seen. It says on the website to upload a clear photo of the person’s face for the best result but you don’t see a preview so I still wasn’t 100% sure what the photos would turn out like.

The pot arrived in a cardboard box and came with a permanent marker. When I opened it I burst out laughing. The pot is definitely entertaining. You can choose multiple photos and I added four different faces onto my pot – I love the idea you can either add many photos of the same person pulling different faces or you can add many different people. My pot has 13 faces on it so I assume you could put 13 different faces on it but it doesn’t make it clear on the website. Two of the four faces are perfect but one of them now has a slightly odd chin and the other has been given a slight quiff where they have cropped it. Also the colour burst pattern and faces don’t go all around the pot – instead there is a 4cm gap with nothing on it. If you do want to write anything on your pot then this is obviously a great place to do it but if you don’t then it looks a bit odd. The bottom of the pot has a hole in it which is perfect for drainage but does mean if you wanted to put a plant in it and then put it on the shelf you would need to put something underneath it to stop water going everywhere.

If you are after a present that makes people smile whenever they look at it then this is it. Definitely a fantastic present for a friend’s birthday or a leaving do (as you could add all members of your team onto the pot). At the moment the only size available is 10cm but it does say on their website that they are hoping to expand their range and pot sizes in the future.

The pot is £18.99 and then shipping is another £3.99. I do think this is quite a lot of money for a 10cm pot even if it is personalised. However there is a link on the website for 10% off your first order if you follow and DM them on instagram or if you enter your email address.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £18.99

This product can be purchased from Cool Pots here.

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