Baylis And Harding Men’s Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Mr_Taylor

As a fan of being clean, finding the right personal hygiene products is a necessity for me. The Baylis and Harding Men’s Gift Set contains three hand picked products – deemed Baylis & Harding’s most popular grooming essentials. They are the Hair & Body Wash, Face Wash, and Aftershave Balm – all scented with Black Pepper and Ginseng and all in 100ml tubes.

The products arrived in a large cardboard box and then inside was a stylish, sleek, but unassuming black zip bag. This unassuming style continues into the packaging of the products themselves which I enjoy. I do not browse for the loudest or brightest packaging – I am naturally drawn to products that make me feel like I’m an important businessman flying around the country. Now I can dream of being an important businessman while smelling of black pepper and ginseng.

Onto the products themselves – they certainly look like luxury, quality products, they do what they’re supposed to do, and they prevent those around me from projectile vomiting! The hair and body wash have a lovely viscosity, and lathering the products into my skin was a pleasant experience. Both items have a lovely scent which is spicy and woody. The scent lasts for hours too, which gives me comfort and assurance that I do not smell like a rugby player’s armpit. The aftershave balm was also excellent – cooling and comforting, and once again lasting hours.

Baylis and Harding was founded in 1970 and is a family run business which has achieved international success. They make it clear on their website that none of their products are tested on animals, all their products are suitable for vegans (except for one hand wash which contains honey extract) and that their packaging is carefully designed to provide consumers with an affordable luxury experience while also being aware of the environment as they have adopted the principles of the Plastic Pact 2018. They also have a partnership with Just A Drop which helps to bring sustainable safe water and sanitation to the community of Kyunyu Primary School in Kenya.

Their website is nice and easy to use and their products are split into ‘gifts’, ‘hand’ and ‘bath & body’ which makes it incredibly easy to find what you are looking for. There is such a variety of gift options that you are sure to find something for everyone whether it is for Father’s Day or for your friend’s birthday. And once you choose an item it then shows you all the major places you can find that item with links to those places so you can buy the item straight away.

You know if you buy anything from Baylis and Harding that you will get affordable, good quality luxury items and that is exactly what I received from them in the Baylis and Harding Men’s Gift Set. I would certainly recommend the products as presents, but I will also be looking to purchase more from this company in my quest to become the cleanest and best smelling person in history.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.74

This product can be purchased from Baylis & Harding here.

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