Cluedo (Nostalgic Version) Review

Cluedo (Nostalgic Version)

Reviewed by Shelly Harper

I loved this game growing up as a child and it is still just as great.  Now I have my own daughter quite happily playing it and better still, enjoying it! This classic detective board will give great fun to your family.

The Packaging:
Comes in a sturdy, solid wooden box that is quite heavy and built to last. It has a lid that slides out to reveal all the game pieces and storage compartments. Very good quality.

The Product:
This nostalgic version has been created from the 1949 design with 6 player token and 6 weapons, cards (suspects, rooms and weapons), solution envelope, score card, pencils and the game rules. The ideas of the game is to become a detective and try to find out who the murderer is, what weapon was used and in what room the deadly deed was committed. Included on the inside of the slide out lid is also a brief history of this great classic board game.

Is for 3-6 players from age 8+

Great family fun. Quality wooden box and pieces. We have hours of fun playing this game and it never gets boring. The wooden box makes it very easy to store all the game pieces and makes it great for transportation so you can easily take to a friend’s house for them to join in the fun as well. We found that the more players in a game the better it was so get all your family involved.

This version is a bit more expensive than the normal version but is definitely worth the extra money and will last much longer.  It looks great! The pieces are so much better quality and look nicer than the plastic versions. Despite being a bit more expensive it is great value for money.

I would recommend this and makes a great entertaining night in with friends and family. Would make a perfect Christmas present for young and old.

Rating 5/5

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