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Logo Board Game Review

Reviewed by Shelly Harper

The Packaging:
The Logo Board Game comes in a bright red box covered in all the branded logos that we see day to day both on TV, in the shops, and in general day to day life. The slogan on the top of the box clearly states THE LOGO BOARD GAME…. of things you know and love. The side of the box states that the game is for 2 – 6 players, ages 12 – adult. The bottom of the box shows a brief synopsis of the game, examples of the cards, pieces and the board along with the manufacturer details and a list of the contents.

The Product:
Upon lifting the lid of the box I was greeted by the playing board, 6 playing pieces which look like multicoloured wizard hats, 400 cards which come neatly in their own box and the instruction booklet. The instructions are very easy to read and simple to understand so we were able to begin playing immediately. The Logo Board Game can be played as two teams or individually so as we only had a few players, we opted for the individual rules and started playing, excited to answer questions on some of our favourite logos and brands.

I started out as the quiz master so took the first card from the box and asked the first question (the purple question) to the player sitting to my left. If the card picked out is a picture card, the picture on the card must be shown to the other player whilst the questions are being asked. If the player answers the question correctly, they move their piece to the first purple space on the board. The quiz master then continues to ask the questions on the card. For each question a player answers correctly they move to the next space that matches the questions colour. Once the player has answered the last question on the card (the red question) and moved their piece onto the next red space, their turn is over and the question card is placed back into the box.

However, if a player gets a question wrong, this automatically ends their turn but the same question is then asked to the next player on the left. If they manage to answer the question correctly, they move their piece to the next space that matches the questions colour as previously stated. Again that player will continue to answer the questions on the card unless they too get it wrong, in which case it is then asked to the next player on the left and so on. If none of the players can answer the question correctly, the question master reads out the answer to everyone and then asks the original player on their left the next question. If no one can answer the last question on the card (the red question) the quiz master reads out the answer to everyone then puts the card back in the box so that turn is over and the next player on the left becomes the next quiz master.

When a player gets a question right near the Winning Zone and there are no spaces left that match the question colour, the player moves their piece into the Winning Zone which is where it stays for the rest of the game. The player continues their turn if any questions remain on the current card after they enter the Winning Zone.

In order to win, a player must be in the Winning Zone and must correctly answer either two consecutive questions or a red question to win. (E.g., If a player enters the Winning Zone after answering a green question, they need to answer the remaining yellow and red questions correctly to win or if the enter the Winning Zone after answering a yellow question, they only have to answer the red question correctly to win). If a player in the winning zone gets a question wrong, then normal play continues whether or not any other player is in or out of the Winning Zone.

Both my 9 year old daughter and I thought this game was excellent (even if she is under the age stated). It was easy to play, really made you think hard about the logo, laugh and kick yourself at the ones you can’t remember and even teaches you some interesting facts about the history of the brand. We will definitely be playing this game again, tomorrow in fact (at my daughter’s request) and when I next have a get together at a friend’s house, this game will definitely be going with me.

Buy it, you won’t be disappointed!!

Rating: 5/5

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