Canagan Pet Food Review

Reviewed by Bharti Patel

There is so much pet food on the market, what is the best for your furry friends? Does it really matter? There are lots of claims made about certain food being good for them but after a bit of research I found that wheat free, higher contents of meat, the right amount of vegetables and the right quantity of fats are best.

Canagan dog and cat food has been created using the same principles and is based on the idea that the food is similar to the food that your pets would have eaten historically, providing a great and tasty meal for your pet. The packaging suggests a higher quality of food, it is very simple but smart and when opening the packets and feeding my pets I found the food looked nutritional.

I can only go by how quickly my cat and dog ate the food that it must be pretty tasty! The cat food pouch had small but meaty chucks, some other brands can be quite mushy so this was a nice change. The one thing that I did notice is the food didn’t have a strong smell which may be down to the ingredients used.

The dog and cat food are offered in the dry and wet variety with many options of flavours. Puppy and senior food is also available in both ranges. The food is available online and at pet food specialist. At approx. £2.30 per 400g can it’s not the cheapest of dog foods and £1.19 per can of cat food. To feed the average cat you would require up to 3 of these cans, I would say this is for a pet lover that is spending at the higher range of the food market on pet food. There are a number of other ‘similar style’ brands that also sell products at this price, so I would say it is a standard price for this level of food.

Would I buy this for my dog or cat? I’m not sure, my reason for this would be because I would have to go to a specialist shop or order online to get this where as my usual food is available in a high street store. However, I can see why people would buy this food and if it was more readily available I would consider purchasing it as change of food for my pets from their normal food.

Rating: 4/5

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