Bobux Herringbone Children’s Shoes Review

Reviewed by Bharti Patel

What shoes your little ones’ wear are so important. I recently came across a brand I had not heard of or seen on the high street but had great designs that caught my attention. These shoes are Bobux, they are podiatrist approved and have won a number of awards.

The thing that surprised me when I picked up a pair is how unbelievable light they are, they have super flexible soles with good grip and look like they could be worn with both a smart outfit and a casual one for running around park. The shoes are made of leather and canvas material. This varies depending on the style and shoe you will be buying. Shoes are available for different age ranges stating from newborn/pre-walkers all the way though to pre-school. The shoes are fashionable yet fun, they are specially designed for each stage of a child’s foot development. Children’s feet need the right shoes allowing them to not only mature but meet the needs to the activities children will be doing.

My son is very active and loves running around, jumping, climbing, all the little things boys do, and he needs a shoe that doesn’t stop him from doing these things. The Bobux shoe does exactly that.

The shoe we tried was the classic herringbone design and it’s a great pattern that will look great with any outfit, the quirky look along with the great feel and quality of this shoe makes me want to run out and buy some for my baby… I have already started looking and will no doubt be making a purchase for him. The website can provide details of local stockists, I highly recommend checking these shoes out for your little ones. There are so many designs that picking one, and only one, will be the harder choice.

The cost of the shoes is about average for children’s shoes, I truly believe you get what you pay for and children’s feet are so important. Give them the correct shoes now and they won’t have any issues with their feet later in life.

Rating: 5/5

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