BTR Kids Buggy Organiser Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

As the owner of several prams, and several children, I have a lot of use for a buggy organiser. Despite the numerous pockets, baskets and compartments on my favourite pram I still have no sensible place to keep my phone, keys, garage opener and purse. That is to say, I didn’t have anywhere to keep them until I got the buggy organiser bag with zipped lid from BTR Kids, now I finally DO have somewhere to keep them!

My buggy organiser is grey, but they also come in black, it fits behind the pram seat below the handlebar and is affixed either with two Velcro straps which is what I use, or with the two additional carabiner straps which are included. The bag is quite rigid once attached, although it does fold flat for storage which would be useful for travelling or when you are between children. Being quite a rectangular shape, I found that I could easily wedge a cup of coffee into it when the lid of the bag is open and it didn’t spill whilst going along. This discovery is going to improve the school run for me no end. 

There’s plenty of room inside the bag for essentials such as nappy changing equipment. Around the inside there are a couple of elastic straps, perfect for holding a nappy or bib, a zipped pocket and an elasticated mesh pocket. There’s also a clip for attaching keys and a clear plastic pocket on top for a phone, this is my favourite bit. Around the outside there are several elasticated pockets, just right for stuffing the garage remote, lip balm, any of the little things my children ask me to hold for them whilst we are walking along. I also keep the rain cover for the bag in one of these outside pockets, ready to go at a moment’s notice. The BTR buggy organizer is made of water resistant fabric so I probably wouldn’t feel the need to use the rain cover unless it was raining a lot I’ve also found it useful to have a small first aid kit in the bag, something which I’ve often berated myself for not remembering whenever we go to the park.

Whilst walking along the bag doesn’t move much as its securely held in place by the Velcro but when I arrive at my destination I’ve found it very convenient to quickly undo the Velcro and carry the bag by its detachable shoulder strap, this also leaves my hands free to carry the baby.

The compact size of the bag means that I can still carry all my children’s school bags without compromising on space as the BTR Kids buggy organiser bag with zipped lid hangs in an area that was previously unusable on my particular pram so it’s a very efficient use of the space under the handlebars.

I no longer have to choose between juggling purse, keys and phone or a hefty changing bag, and I’m no longer rummaging in every pocket, basket and zip to find the keys when I arrive home. The BTR Kids buggy organizer bag has provided welcome order to my morning routine and every other trip out in the pram.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: from £12.99

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