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Brinley Williams Personalised Scented Candle Review

Reviewed by Cate Norris

Brinley Williams are an online company selling an array of personalised gifts, from mugs to candles and aprons to t-shirts. Being a scented candle fanatic, I was instantly attracted to their homemade candles, which are available in a variety of fragrances including original scents such as fairy dust and Parma Violet. The candles come in a stylish glass container, from a choice of either clear or black glass and a printed message of choice including complete personalisation. The candle can be customised further to include a lid or box for an additional fee.

Many of the set messages are intended for the candle to be given as a gift, such as for a birthday or thank you. As I wanted the candle for personal use, I chose to personalise the candle and asked for the wording ‘Home Sweet Home… nowhere like it’ to be printed on clear glass. After much deliberation, I finally settled on ‘Parma Violet’ for my choice of fragrance. Being completely honest, I didn’t hold high hopes for the quality of the candle’s fragrance, as past experience and much money wasted has taught me to stick with the well-known, leading names to guarantee a candle that lasts and smells great.

When the candle arrived, I was very impressed by how well it was packaged. The candle was not only wrapped, but placed snuggly inside a made to measure polystyrene box, before being placed inside a cardboard box. Anybody who has opened a candle to find it wrapped only in bubble wrap and consequently shattered to pieces, will understand how happy I felt to see the care that had been taken with packaging. No risk of smashed candles and the hassle of contacting the company to sort it out here-well done Brinley Williams! Along with my packaging joy, I could already smell the strong fragrance coming through as I was unpacking the candle, which started to fill me with hope that my home might soon be filled with the beautiful aroma of ‘Parma Violets’. Sure enough, after the candle had been burning for a while, as I came down stairs all I could smell were those lovely little sweets… delicious!

The candle is finished to high standard, with the font of the print giving a shabby chic effect which was a welcome addition to my home. I have been burning the candle for a few days now and it is lasting well and burning evenly. I would absolutely recommend a Brinley Williams scented candle, and with 10% off for returning customers I will certainly be treating someone special to a fantastic gift in the near future.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £14.99 (Lid and gift box are optional extras).

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