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Bloom Gin Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

It may not look or feel like it as you peek out from under your umbrella, but summer is here, and holiday season is upon us. Now restrictions are finally lifting you can plan a meet up with friends and family for a picnic or BBQ meal so it’s time to refresh your summer drinks cabinet.

If you are like me and are a Gin lover who loves to try new flavours, then look no further than the delicious gins from Bloom Gin. Bloom Gin was created in 2009 by one of the world’s leading authorities on gin, Master Distiller, Joanne Moore, who comes with a plethora of distillery awards and surrounds herself with an inspiring all-female team.
I was certainly keen to update my drink cabinet and was very pleased to be given the opportunity to try out the exciting Bloom Range. The range includes neat gin and pre- made gin-based cocktails, perfect for picnics or evenings out. I was sent four gins to try out all in standard 70cl bottles, London Dry gin, Jasmine & Rose gin, Passionfruit & Vanilla Blossom gin and Raspberry and Rose gin and three 275ml bottles of pre-mixed cocktails, London Dry gin with Rose Lemonade, Passionfruit & Vanilla Blossom gin with soda and London Dry gin with Signature tonic . The two rose gin’s looked stunning in the bottle and I love rose flavouring, but it was the Passionfruit & vanilla cocktail that took my fancy first. At 6.5% they are the equivalent of a strong beer but don’t taste strong so beware! The passionfruit taste is delicious, and you can both smell and taste the vanilla coming through as you drink, being mixed with soda there is no battle for taste, just the pure fruity gin flavours coming through. The next evening was the turn of the London Dry Gin and Rose Lemonade, I loved this so much I set out to buy more rose lemonade the next day to make my own cocktails. The dry gin is light and citrusy, and the rose lemonade really brings out the flavour. Raspberry and Rose gin was next to be tested, I added a very plain tonic to this with some ice and it just looked and tasted amazing, floral & fruity all at once. Last, but not least was the turn of the Jasmine & Rose gin with the aroma of an English country garden, a soft pink hue and a gorgeous floral taste, again mixed with a plain tonic, this was a delight.

I have found that some gins don’t live up to their hype, or cost, but that cant be said about Bloom gin’s range.  They are full of taste and flavour straight from the bottle with a plain mixer. Fancy something a little more exotic for a special occasion though and there are a huge range of cocktail recipes to make on their website from passionfruit punch to raspberry mojito, literally something for everyone’s taste. At £24.50 for a 70cl bottle I found Bloom to be great value compared to other brands and will certainly adding it to my summer shopping list.

Rating: Highly recommend 5 out of 5

RRP: £24.50 (70cl bottle)

This product can be purchased from all good supermarkets and off licences.  Find your local stockist here.

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