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Snowdonia Spirit Co Lemon Gin Review


Reviewed by Sandip

I was lucky enough to be gifted a gin bottle to try from a brand that I had not heard of before, Snowdonia Spirit Co. It’s a company that is a small batch distiller that have 4 gins to their name, and their flavours are inspired by the cultural heritage of Wales. Which is where the distillery is based, on the West Wales coast. As they are a small company, they pride themselves on the personal touch, and fill, label and seal all their bottles by hand. The gins that they have on offer are Welsh dry gin, lemon gin, wild fruit gin and their very Welsh sounding Bara Brith gin. The latter which is inspired by the flavours found in the classic Welsh tea bread, flavours such as oranges and spices, it sounds delicious!

The gin I was gifted to try was the lemon gin. I have tried various lemon flavoured gins before which I really like so I was interested to compare this one. I tend to have flavour gins with either lemonade or tonic. So I tried this out with both. Unfortunately, the lemonade totally over powered the gin and I couldn’t really taste the flavour as much as I probably should have. The next time I tried it, I added Fever Tree naturally light tonic. Well, the difference between this mix and the lemonade mix was day and night. The lemon gins I’ve tried before have always been on the sweeter side but this was not similar to those ones. But for all the right reasons. There was a strong, but not over powering flavour of lemons but somehow they have managed to capture the fresh taste of real lemons. There is no bitter after taste either. It’s hard to describe but there isn’t an ‘alcohol-ly’ taste either, with the tonic it was more like a fresh summery lemon soda drink, it was very refreshing! I have to say I really enjoyed this gin and am looking forward to trying the other flavours. I this they would make excellent gifts too for friends and family.

Another very special touch is the bottle itself. The label is a no fuss label with the shape of the Welsh mountains as a nod to the location of the distillery. However, the lovely touch is on the other side of the label. There is a beautiful picture printed on the label that can be seen through the glass. The name of the artist is Alan Rankle who has his works of art displayed in the Lowry in Manchester. The picture on the back of the lemon gin bottle is of a hilly, green summers looking scene with a warm sun settling in the background. It would be a perfect setting to have a lemon gin and tonic with a twist of lemon peel. From what I can see on the company website, each of the 4 gins on offer at Snowdonia Spirit Co have a different scenic picture displayed on the reverse of the label, each featuring a colour theme that matched the flavour of the gin itself.

I am really pleased that I was gifted a bottle of Snowdonia Spirit Co to try because I hadn’t heard of them before, but I will certainly be spreading the word.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.99

This can be purchased from the Discover Delicious website here.

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