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Blackmoor Home Knife Set Review


Reviewed by Linda Curtain

With the arrival of Autumn and thoughts turning to hearty, satisfying, home-cooked meals, I was delighted to receive two items from the Blackmoor Home Company to review. I received a very impressive knife set with storage block and Blue Pro Casserole Pot – both sure to be utilised well making those wonderful stews and casseroles throughout the winter months.

The Blackmoor Home company is a UK family company whose aim is to produce high performance, quality cookware and the attention to detail and style was immediately evident when I unpacked the knife set. Even the outer box was striking in design, and it gave you full details about the item inside.

On unpacking the knives, I was very impressed with the simple, stylish storage block. The black with white speckles marble effect would fit easily into any kitchen – whether modern or contemporary – and the smooth, round shape gave it an elegant finish. The top had a ripple effect design to enable all the knives to be stored safely regardless of shape and size.

Five knives were included with the set ranging in size from a small 3.5” paring knife up to larger 8” knives. I loved how all the blades -which were stainless steel with a non-stick coating- were also black and white speckled design with very comfortable, black handles.

I decided to test the knives individually on food items that they are designed to be used for.  First was the small 3.5” paring knife which is the knife generally used for peeling and cutting fruit and veg. With its short, pointed blade this knife coped really well with hard vegetables, peeling potatoes and slicing tomatoes.  The 5” utility knife had a longer blade and again was ideal for chopping up carrots and onions. The longer blade meant that larger items were chopped easily.

The larger knives all had 8” blades and each had a specific role in the kitchen. The bread knife was amazing. With its serrated edge, it sliced through a crusty loaf with ease – slicing the crust well but leaving the soft inside intact. This knife is also good for cutting cakes without them crumbling. The carving knife – a really essential kitchen item – was sharp and sliced meat cleanly. An ideal knife for cutting and carving poultry as well. The final knife was a large-bladed Chefs knife. This is a general-purpose knife which again is great for chopping and prepping meat. Cutting the beef I used was so easy with this knife.

When stored within the knife block, these knives look really impressive. There is plenty of room within the storage area for other knives that can be purchased with other kitchen uses.

Preparing food is much safer and easier with the right knife and these five knives will certainly help with your food prep.

Such an impressive item would make a great Christmas present, and it would be an ideal wedding gift.
A great product from this UK company.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from Blackmoor Home Company here.

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