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Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Super Lab Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

What a fun way to get to some fizzingly great and awesome science experiments.

I gave this to my grandson who is 7 year of age and love anything science wise, so, as you can imagine, he couldn’t wait to get started.

It was really easy to set up, took a tad longer than expected to dissolve, however, it entertained my grandson and that is all that mattered and to say he enjoyed it is an understatement.

At first, we struggled with the pushing down the chambers so I googled it and found some useful tips.

Be sure to take out the slack of the tubing, look underneath by doing this it helped to relieve any difficulties you might experience. Once I learnt about this, it made it so much easier. We also discovered that the chambers are slightly higher than the reservoir which meant that the reservoir had water in it before you started pumping due to gravity. Again, I googled for help on this and found that the the best way to work around this is to fill up the chapters, into the reservoir you will then need to put the water into it and by pulling water back, creates a vacuum. This stops the water from seeing into the reservoir which prevents it from getting wet and you need to make sure it does not do this.

Water reacts to the pods like a bath bomb, it then pops, fizzes and bubbles and yes, it can make a mess, however, it is science and so much fun in the process. To see my grandsons eyes light up with it all was just magical.

The aim of this science project is to learn, interact, work on sensory and cognitive developments and ultimately have lots and fun. My grandson loved the idea that there would be creatures which he could investigate. As the pack includes cards to identify them and mini posters with science facts and great images to learn from. Once he got the creatures, there was more fun to be had with the syringe plungers to mix the fluids together with 4 different experiments.

So much can be done with this, including making slime and was so much fun for my grandson as he loves slime too. We added food colouring, boy, that was so much fun and you would need to buy this yourself if you do not already have it in.


The information below was taken from Learning Resources Website, I added this as this may help you understand before buying what is involved.

Instruction guide can be found by clicking on this link here.

Simply drop a Beaker Creature Reactor Pod into the chamber, pump in water with the hydroplungers and watch the fizzing, bubbling reaction to reveal the creature inside

Once the last bubble has popped children can extract their Beaker Creature collectible

15-piece lab set includes:
Two Beaker Creature Reactor Pods
Two Classification Cards
Two double-sided Mini-posters featuring amazing science facts and fun images
Two Hydroplungers
Two Beakers
Liquid Reactor Super Lab base
A set of tongs and a stir rod
Experiment guide featuring step-by-step instructions for five experiments
Full-size poster for display

The complete collection of 35 Beaker Creatures features:
Six Creatures from five planets: Astrolytes, Oceanites, Frostonians, Buglettes and Minisaurs
Five limited edition 24-carat Creatures

Super Lab measures 16cm H (with Hydroplungers) x 27cm W x 16.5m D

Features experiment guide

Increase your collection with extra reactor pods which are available separately.

Suitable for 5 years plus.


RRP: £25.00

This product can be purchased from Learning Resources here.

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